Introduction of Master Finley {9 days new born}

You may recall a while back via Facebook a casting call for maternity and newborn clients, and the subsequent post via my (old) website showcasing the gorgeous maternity images of Miranda, who was the first client within the casting call that i had the pleasure of working with.

For those who missed it, it was titled “Maternity {as art}”.
It was a new style of maternity image for me, and something that i am expanding in.
Its about taking everything back to the core; a woman and her baby bump, simple, artistic, raw, natural.

This post is the second installment to this story…
and it is with great pleasure that i can introduce to you Master Finley, at 9 days new born.

Finley certainly had me working hard during his session… the poor little man kept lulling us into thinking he was asleep, only to be wide eyed seconds later. I had a session mapped in my head of the images i wanted to capture, to be in the same style as the maternity session. Finley, however, had a different plan in mind.

After a long wait of 3 hours with a sore tummy and lots of catches of yellow rain, he finally gave in and gave us our chance… only to be a short 15min window of “sleepy time” (as Damon calls it). I captured one image in the new styled, and then switched to focus on images with Mum & Dad to not miss the most precious of them all. That 15min window was all i needed.

Miranda and Damon have been amazing clients to work with, and i can not thank them enough for the opportunity and what has been a real pleasure for me personally. They have such a strong connection as a couple, it is so evident and clear that they love and support each other, and Finley is the final piece to complete them.

I have included a small collection of Miranda’s maternity images in this post, as well as images of Finley.

{as always} x

005a 007




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