WELCOME {to my blog}


To blog, or not to blog?… that has been the question.
The question that has plagued me for a few weeks now.

But, with the re-launch of my business pending, what better time to begin one.

I suppose what i like most about what i do, is the personal connection, relationships and so forth that i have with my clients. They welcome me into their homes at some of the most intimate and special times, and in trust in me to create images for them, and in turn the memories of these moments.

And it was this factor that was the decider for me as to whether i wanted a blog.

With all the online, particularly social media, interactions that we have these days, it is that personal connection or relationship that is often lacking, that real human one to one thing. Old school.

So i hope that this blog is not only a window into my world as a photographer, to my business, but also into my life and who i am, so that when you invite me into your special moments, i am more than just a name to you.

Mentioned a re-launch? Yes. It is coming.

Behind the scenes here has been crazy busy, madness in fact, for the last few months. Everything has had a make over. I have finally become ready to take the next step and really begin to steer this ship in the direction that i want it to sail. It has been an incredible journey over the last two years, and now i feel that i am at a point where i am ready to really dive in and immerse myself in it, in exactly the way that i want to, that i am passionate about.

Not quite ready to set sail yet… a few final touches happening. But i can not wait to show you all, and have you all on board for the next chapter. Ok, enough bad sailor references. But honestly, i am so excited! Everything from the website to how your products are presented to even the shirt on my back has been given a new, clean, savvy look!

So all in all, i will keep this first post short…

All in all… Welcome to my blog…

This is me, my business, my photography, my clients, my passion and at the centre of my world are these two girls. I can’t wait to re-create this image in a few weeks, exactly 12mnths on and see how much they have changed.

{as always} x

{my girls} Jade & Alanah ~ Oct 2012


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