{The Boudoir Event}

It is Friday morning, and I am sitting here trying to contain my excitement over finally being able to reveal this post!!

Boudoir photography is my favourite genre to photograph, there is something so empowering about it and it humbles me to be able to share in something so personal with women, every day women, and have them not only looking but feeling like a goddess.

For a couple of months now, this has been a little project for me… putting together a day that is all about boudoir, and nothing but boudoir.

Now i could sit here and sell it to you, telling you about how amazing the experience will be, how incredible the chosen location is (oh.my.gosh.so.beautiful!), how talented the make up artist is, or how fabulous the products are or the value in the package ($1300!)… could even tell you about how it is just in time for Christmas so your gift is sorted…

But instead, all i will say is that if you have even considered a boudoir session, if the thought has even crossed your mind, or if you are reading this thinking about how you wish you could but all those butterflies in your tummy are casting a shadow of doubt that you actually could… this is the time to take the next step and book your session… and i promise, you will be so glad you did. I promise.

So here it is… i can finally unveil it… {the boudoir event}… and i can barely contain my excitement after living and breathing this for so long with my lips sealed…

For further information or to book your place, please contact captured@internode.on.net or 0437 479 291.

{as always} x

Boudoir Event Promo Poster Oct 2013


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