Introduction of Miss Arya {6 days new born}

Arya is one of those babies that must have been too cosy in the womb, she certainly made her mummy and daddy wait for her arrival on Sunday 18th August 2013. And yesterday, i had the pleasure of capturing her newborn images at just 6 days new.

I met Tracy (and her husband, Chris) a few weeks prior for a maternity session, and i have included a few frames within this post. Tracy was simply beautiful as she expected her first baby. And the look Chris had in his eyes as he watched her have her images taken was just adoring.

(I do just have to point out though, that i still can’t move past the fact that the kilt Chris wore in their wedding was the same check as my high school uniform winter skirt. Was the first thing i noticed when in their living room setting up for the maternity session.  Granted, he did pull it off well, but it was just a random little thing i have come away with in the back of my mind now from that day.)

Arya is a gorgeous little thing, her long and skinny legs that just want to stretch (when all i want to do is curl them!), and her eyes.. her eyes just simply amazed me. I haven’t ever seen it before working with babies only a few days old where their eyes are changing colour, but whilst she still had that look of blue, they were so clearly turning brown. Was so interesting, something i haven’t seen, and so unique to her.

Some babies nod straight off to sleep, others take a little longer, some a lot longer than long. Arya was one of those babies that showed every sign of going to sleep, but at every moment i thought her had her, those eyes opened up wide. Although, that being said, it did only take a few minutes in the end, she did co-operate.

One (of the many) reasons why i photography newborns under 14 days is for hormone rash, which usually sets in at about 2 weeks. Little Arya didn’t yet have hormone rash, but i wanted to include a before and after as the little poppet had a fair amount of dry skin, very common with over-cooked (over due) babies. Keeping newborns looking “real” is important to me, i see so many that are edited to look like porcelain dolls – whether because of such things as hormone rash or dry skin or even the natural blotchy skin colours that babies have. So for me, keeping newborns looking real means both life like, but also to give an accurate representation of how they actually did look when newly born. I will edit, i do edit, and whether that is removing, reducing or softening… it is an enhancement, not a change… babies are perfect, no matter what they look… and Arya is just that, perfect.

I look forward to working with little Arya for the remaining sessions we have booked as part of the “Bump to Baby & Beyond” package, the first year of her life will be captured at a number of stages. It is like a story, and i look forward to the next chapter.

These are the darling images we have created for such a precious moments for Tracy, Chris and their new arrival, Arya.

{as always} x

  006  004





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