Introduction of Miss Hadlie {5 days new born}

Every child’s currency.
That is how this session begins.
It begins with a photographer packing two lollypops, and not just any lollypops, i am talking giant lollypops.

I first met Jeremy and Rosabella, 9 and 5, a few weeks ago for Ashlee’s maternity session… and they were an absolute delight to work with. Jeremy, my goodness he blew me away. He was more than happy to have a photo taken, he just didn’t quite want to do it the way we had in mind. So when Dad opened up the offer of reward, what started out as 5 bucks, turned into a goldfish… and he did in fact try bargaining for $50, unsuccessfully. This little man drove a hard bargain, and i can just see him making his millions from having his wits about bargaining and not settling for anything less than he puts his mind to.

So this is why the lollypops come into play… one should always be prepared!

Miss Hadlie is the new little sister for Jeremy and Rosabella, and she is just a sweet little poppet with a full head of hair, a tiny little thing. She was an absolute delight to photograph today, she loved curling up into a little ball, tucking those legs under and keeping her hands up close by her face.

I have included some images from Ashlee’s maternity session, and a small collection of my favourites from today’s newborn session too. I love photographing the older children with their new sibling. I always wonder how my own would react to a new addition, and i love seeing how much the older children adore the new baby, how they are somewhat proud and you can see that protective love even when only a few days into a new relationship.

So this blog post is all about the children, and giving all three their moment to shine…

{as always} x






IMG_4669WM  IMG_4684WM


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