The New Home of C A P T U R E D by koorine {website reveal}

Finally (and i mean that with a big exhausting exhale out!) the new website is LIVE!

C A P T U R E D by koorine {photography} has a new home!

I started building this myself in June, and i was beginning to think that the phrase “technical difficulty” was just code for “you aren’t meant to get a new website, just give up”. But at long last, it is with great excitement (and relief!) that i can finally reveal it to you…


The new home of C A P T U R E D by koorine is clean, it is fresh, it represents my brand. It is user friendly and most importantly has everything all in the the one place. Clients are able to view their images and place their order as well as exclusive access to a downloads area packed with information.

And the website is just the beginning of the make over my business has been under going over the last few months.
I have some more exciting bits n pieces to share with you in the coming weeks… so do stay tuned, but for now…

To view the new site, click here!

{as always} x


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