For You To Consider {Newborn & Maternity Information}

So you are having a baby?!?


Let’s add photography to that long, overwhelming list of things to do in the short space of only 9mnths.

There are a few common points that this blog post is here to discuss, the few most common things that I hear from clients or wish clients knew…

Let’s strip away all of the fluff about how wonderful the experience is to be expecting a child, and strip away all the chat about the chubby cheeks and the tiny toes and all that…

We all love the idea of looking like we are glowing while we are pregnant and hands down we all love babies, and we all know its something that we want memories of forever… right? Yes.

Encouraging you to take the plunge into having a session isn’t what this post is about… it’s about what you need to think about prior to making your booking for maternity and newborn photography.
And this should be for those looking for a photographer in general, not just if you are considering having your session with me (although, of course… you should… I am awesome).

This isn’t even ability. Let’s face it, anyone with an iPhone is a photographer these days.
Every photographer has a price tag, and they do vary so much given the number of fresh faces popping up every day.
And that is not to discredit anyone starting out, I was once there too, and gosh I could write a whole post about that topic…

But price, the bottom dollar, is often what first attracts us, and also what first dismisses a potential service or product.

Price is important, yes. But it shouldn’t be THE only factor.
There are some VERY important other factors that you need to consider when looking for a photographer, which I am sure you haven’t in the past and probably won’t have unless you had someone educate you like this blog post will.
And I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of the photographers to educate clients, on all levels. These are just a few…

Firstly, lets talk about the most important…

{Insurance and an unregulated industry}

Any credible photographer in business, that has your and your babies best interests at heart, will have public liability insurance. This not only protects them, their equipment etc, but even more importantly, it protects YOU. As much as I hate to admit it, I am human like you too, and we all make mistakes, accidents happen. It is one of those things that as small as the chance is that something will go wrong, there is that chance, and it is too big of a risk to put your new precious baby at risk.

In an unregulated industry, there needs to be education regarding the safety of newborns during their session. Learning how to pose and position newborns takes a whole lot more than is probably realised. Learning how and were you can touch, move and mould a newborn isn’t the same as when handling a baby everyday, its different. It is not as simple as picking up a baby, placing it down and taking a photo. And a lot of the images that you see floating about are a combination of the mastering of these skills and post production of the image. It is important that when looking for a photographer for your newborn session, you choose someone who knows how to work with babies, and has the experience and the portfolio to back this up. Just because someone has photographed a handful of babies, it doesn’t mean that they know how to do it properly. If there was the opportunity to have the industry regulated for newborn safety, I would vote yes.  I think this topic is often overlooked or even perhaps not even considered by clients when looking for a photographer for their newborn session. Baby safety should be number one priority. No baby should ever be put into a position that compromises is safety or ability, and a photographer with the experience to  “read” each individual baby is worth the price.

I honestly can’t encourage clients enough to consider these two factors when looking for a newborn photographer. Do they have insurance to protect you and your baby? And are they, in your opinion, “qualified” to safely handle, pose, position and run a session with your new born baby?

And the two most common:

{Why 32-36weeks and why under 14 days?

Maternity is ideal between 32-36 weeks. We want a nice round bump to show off. But we don’t want to leave it too late in case baby has plans to arrive early. We also want to avoid the latter stages of pregnancy, where it is difficult to move, more exhausting, swollen feet and so forth.

And for newborns, under 14 days is the general golden rule. Now that is not to say that you can’t get wonderful images of your newborn after that time frame, because you can, of course. But the main couple of reasons we work under 14 days is mainly for the following: hormone rash kicks in about 2 weeks, so while possible to edit in most cases, consider those blotchy red rash and small spotty like pimples. Babies sleep deeper and longer the newer they are, and most poses and positions require your baby to be asleep, again this is a large part of the safety factor as well. Startle reflex also kicks in about 2 weeks of age, so they are far more sensitive to touch and movement, they will consequently stir easier and become unsettled. I also like to capture newborns, as new-borns. They change so much, so quickly. Your baby under 14 days will also happily curl and bend, once they past that mark its all about stretching out!

I understand… you have just had a baby, don’t feel all that pretty right now and oh the sleep deprivation. I promise you, that one day, one day to then be rewarded for the rest of your lives with gorgeous imagery of your child… one day is worth that. Thinking that perhaps you could manage just images of your baby and not with yourself? Consider this “you must exist in photographs for your children”. I encourage all my clients to have at least one image with their newborn. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it… but I’ve never had anyone not.

Photography is an art, and we all paint with different brushes, but its important to know exactly which brush you are trusting with such a precious life in the most important of moments.

{as always} x


4 thoughts on “For You To Consider {Newborn & Maternity Information}

    • Hi there!
      Thank you so much for your kind feedback… i really hope that as my blog develops (as its only new) i am able to share and educate about similar things to this so that people are able to make informed choices and really understand more about what is involved in photography – both from the client and also industry perspectives. If there is anything you would like me to specifically blog about, feel free to drop me an email and i will see what i can do! x

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