Anna {expecting at 37 weeks}

I know that when i tell you this, if you are currently expecting or have been through pregnancy in the past you will relate and understand exactly why my client today, Anna, was hesitant about having images of herself taken.

In fact, Anna has been so nervous about her session that it has been rescheduled a number of times and there have been several Facebook messages back and forth discussing the ins and outs of it all, and she even tried to worm her way out of it once in there too.

Anna is pregnant.

Her body has changed. She is uncomfortable. She doesn’t fit in her old clothes. Her body is tired. She has stretch marks. She feels heavy. And round. Very round. She can’t see her feet. Or bend over.

She sees all the other pregnant women who are glowing… that pregnancy glow that she expected but doesn’t feel.

She is pregnant. And over it.

I told you that you would be able to relate.

So to all those other women out there who are expecting and reading this, if you look at maternity images and wonder how you could ever look that good when you feel like Anna does… know that you are just like Anna, that you may not feel like you are glowing, but you are.
I promise you that you are. And i would love to show you.

And to Anna, thank you for trusting me and allowing me the opportunity to capture these moments for you, and to show you that you are beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I hope that one day, even if not today, that you can look back on these images and see just how much.

{as always} x



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