Jess {expecting at 32 weeks}

Today finished a week of photographing bellies… and Jess’ baby bump is another beautiful one at that, at 32 weeks.

I’ve sat here staring at the screen wondering what to write in this blog post about our session… and it isn’t that i don’t have any thing to say, it was a great session and there are so many things i could share… but every time i go to write something, i keep coming back to the thought of “less is more”… which is just something that is has been on my personal mind this evening… and it seems to be quite fitting for this session as well.

So rather than having a few little paragraphs telling you the story of Jess and Alex’s maternity session, i will let the images speak to you instead…

{as always} x

IMG_5048ab  IMG_5092ab




One thought on “Jess {expecting at 32 weeks}

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