Introduction of Miss Heidi {12 days newborn}

Oh. My. Goodness.
Did this gorgeous little cherub make me work for her shots…
Not once, but twice!

I first went to meet Heidi last week, when she was 9 days newborn…
Her daddy has recently started a new fly in – fly out job, and was only going to be here for a few days, so we had only a very small window to get her images… and she was prepared to, after a long wait, have a few shots taken with her mum & dad, but wasn’t going to budge on having her session completed in one day.
I said i would try not to take it personally, but i know that it is a personal thing, she just wanted cuddles with me a second time around.
Or so i will keep telling myself.

So today i headed back to see Heidi and Gemma for take two of her session.
And this time around, she was more than happy to partake… But only for a very short time.
And even in that short time, i had to work it, really work to get the shots.

But, as always, i won!

Heidi is a gorgeous little thing, and it was amazing to see how much she has changed over the course of only a few days.
A little less hair, a clear belly button, chapped lips, that little bit stronger and even more alert.

Here is a small collection of Gemma and Phil’s maternity images, and to complete the story a few frames of Heidi as well.

But even through all the hard work, the patience and persistence, it is all worth it

{as always} x

     004a   007006a


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