Introduction of Miss Evelynn {12 days newborn}

“I just can’t believe she is here, and that she is mine”.

How amazingly beautiful is that sentence right there?

And that is what my client, Shanii, wrote to me when Miss Evelynn entered our world 12 days ago.

Evelynn joins the family as Shanii and Josh’s first baby, but little sister of three very much loved fur-babies.

Evelynn was just a dream baby for me to photograph today, she was perfectly content and all she wanted to do was sleep.
A little grizzle in between poses as we moved her, but as soon as she was back down with a little pat to her tiny tooshie, she was fine.
And that suits me perfectly. It also suited my new prop perfectly too.

There is one of those funny Facebook share posters that says something along the lines of
“you know you are a newborn photographer if every time you go shopping you think ‘can i put a baby in that’?”
Well, i’ve taken this prop to the last 6 sessions, but never have i had a chance to use it.
But Shanii is the sister of a past client, turn-friend of mine, and i was going into this session with my bossy pants on, i could get away with it!… i said straight up “i am using this prop today, i am going to do this as the first set up”… i was determined!

It has been a real pleasure being part of this journey for Shanii and Josh, i captured their maternity images a few weeks back as well, and today just finished this chapter of their lives. And it is so evident in the way they both touch, speak, hold, settle and even just by the way that they look at Evelynn that they are just in love with her.

It is with absolute delight, that i can share these images with you.

{as always} x


Newborn safety is always priority, and this final image is a composite of multiple images blended in post production to create one final image. I personally believe that all composite images should be marked as one, not only to educate clients, but also so that new photographers do not try those poses in an unsafe manner.
I recently had a blog post that relates to a few aspects of newborn safety, check it out here!



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