The Best Of All Worlds {Collections}

{Digital Files}  OR  {Prints & Products}

There is much debate in the photography industry over offering digital files or prints and products.
Both between photographers themselves, but client sourcing a potential photographer as well.
Which is best? Which should be offered? Why? Why not?

Now the question that i ask is whether you are guilty like me of having digital files after a session with every good intention of having prints done, creating albums, getting that giant canvas to hang above the fireplace, but then this intention moves further and further down the list and eventually your disc of images ends up in a draw somewhere and years go buy and it never actually happens??!!

So today, I wanted to do a blog post today to follow from my post earlier this week (click here to view) that was about my own maternity and newborn images, and i think that it is good timing as well after recently re-launching the business, which involved a revamp of the collections that i offer for image purchases.

Now this is going to be a long post, but i encourage you to stick it out and read it through… you just might have a little light shine and help you make a better educated and informed decision in the future…

Let me break down the debate for you…


{THE CLIENT} Clients love digital files as they can print multiple copies for friends and family, there is no maximum quota for the number of times they can be used, and therefore often seem like the best value for dollar. They can use the images to create their own products – anything from canvas and other various wall art pieces to novelty items such as beer coolers and t-shirts. And these products can be sourced cheaper than purchasing from the photographer directly. Images can be used online, uploaded to social media or blogged and therefore shared with globally distant friends and family.

{THE PHOTOGRAPHER} Photographers, or the majority of, would rather not part with digital files as these are the actual core of their art work. By releasing them into the world there is a risk of their craft, their work, their art being used in a way that is not an accurate reflection of their name. Although often digital files come with a print release stipulating the ways in which images can and can not be used (for example, they can not be entered into competition, sold etc) this is often over looked and clients take it upon themselves to further edit the images, and usually by adding text, borders and other simplistic effects. In addition, clients use print labs such as Kmart or BigW which are not professional labs and therefore the quality – of both the paper, the ink – is compromised and often the results of the print are not a true reflection for simple things such as colour casts. It is hard to see your work in a way that isn’t accurate, especially when it is below the standard that you would want to have personally provided to your client yourself.

{OVERALL} Digital files are priced high – the cost of digital files is not in the disc or USB that they are presented on, it is in the creation of the image. And by parting with the file, this means that the photographer can no longer make an income on this image. So for all the time, effort, training, cost, time etc that is involved in creating (both shooting and editing) this image, their pay is capped, and once released this image is in some ways “dead” to them, it is no longer generating an income. Clients often think that digital files should be cheaper as there is no cost involved in purchasing a product, and that USBs are cheap and its a quick and simple way of providing the image to them. This is not the case. And we need to remember that photography is a business, like any other.


{THE CLIENT} Why would you pay for a print or a product direct from the photographer when you can grab the digital file instead and then print them yourself, for a cheaper price?? Why would you want something that you only get one of, when you can get the file and get as many as you want?

{THE PHOTOGRAPHER} I will tell you why… because when we place your order, if there is anything wrong with it, we will re order it (and absorb any additional costs ourselves) and ensure that only the very best print or product ends up in your hands. We have the trained eye to know what we are looking for, we source the very best print labs (which often don’t print to the public).

{OVERALL} You have made an investment into the session, both your time and financially, and this investment flows onto the purchase of images. There is no point investing hundreds, if not thousands, of your hard earned dollars into the session and images only to then go and have a budget print done and it not be a true copy of the image that has been created especially for you. You are paying your professional photographer for their professional service and professional images, you deserve a professional grade print or product.

So where does that leave us?
Both have clear advantages and disadvantages over the other, from both sides of the debate.

It leaves us with my collections which gives you the best of all worlds!

All of the collections offered by C A P T U R E D by koorine {photography} include a combination of
digital files along with prints and a fine art product.


Because i understand the desire of clients to have the digital files.
But i also know that you *do* want a product and some prints, you just might not know that yet.
And it is important to me, as the artist, to not only create, but also provide the best possible version of your images to you.

Now if you are still not sure, still thinking about it, still on the fence… let me tell you the main reason why you want a print and/or product…

Here are your digital files, now tell me… how on Earth are you going to view those now??


Technology is constantly evolving, changing and updating… and how far away is the day that we don’t use CDs or USBs anymore?

Then what will happen to those digital files that when you purchased today, you thought were the best option, that you could keep forever and print as you please, always being able to access them anytime you like??

But if you have a print or a product, this is timeless, it doesn’t matter what changes in our world, this is always there, it can be removed off the wall but nothing can change the simple fact that you can hold it and see it – the exact way that it was created for you.

I told you that you wanted a print/product. Not only for today, but for 10 years or even 5 years down the track…
And i was right, wasn’t i??!

So where does this leave us now???

Firstly, consider all your options, and the details about each.
Understand the pricing your photographer presents you.
Consider the quality of a budget department store print job vs what your photographer will present you with.
Trust your photographer – their knowledge, their experience.
And think 5 or 10 years down the track.

My advice… get the best of all worlds!

{as always} x


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