Mentoring {part one}

Do you want to hear all about it or should i skip to showing you the gorgeous images that we created??

Am i asking you that because perhaps i am bursting to show you the images?? Uhaaa!

Here is one to get this post started with a bang!…


Last week i had a one on one mentoring day with Qld based photographer Ainslie, from Wild Spirit.
It was just amazing! And certainly the push i needed to take the next leap forward in my photography journey.

Today i post the first installment of my mentoring day with beautiful 16 day old Maverick.
A huge thank you to Krista for coming along with her handsome little man and for giving me the opportunity to capture these images.

My mentoring day was just a day for putting my foot in my mouth so often… Krista and hubby are both police officers, and after the session i was speaking to someone who in conversation mentioned that they were a policeman… and i come blabbering out with all my post-session excitement “oh i shot two cops this morning”… that took a little explaining to further clarify what i meant!

I love photographing newborns in a very simplistic way… taking away all the “fluff” and keeping it raw and natural… keeping all the focus on the baby… and if there was any one way i could photograph newborns, this is it. I love it, and i just love deep rich black and whites!

I’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback on this look to newborn photography… leave me a comment here or send me a msg though FB or the website.

I look forward to showing you the maternity and boudoir images later this week from the mentoring day, and i leave you today with another little selection of newborn images.

While you are here… pop over and check out this other blog post from last week… its an interesting discussion over digital files vs prints/products. Click here.

{as always} x




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