Mentoring {part three}

And this brings us to the third and final installment from my one on one mentoring day from last week with Ainslie from QLD based Wild Spirit Photography.

Part one {newborn} can be viewed here and Part two {maternity} here.

This installment is the stunning Kylie who was the boudoir model for the day… And isn’t she just smokin hot!

There are two things i remember when i think about this session…

The first is another classic example of me putting my foot in my own mouth… There Kylie is, on the bed, in her bra and knickers with two complete strangers and a camera in her face… and Ainslie instructs me to do something that i wasn’t all that confident in, something new to try… and i say “gosh i am soooo out of my comfort zone here!” and Kylie, with perfect timing, says back “well how do you think i feel!??”. Gosh i laughed so hard i could have snorted!

The second, was that we asked Kylie whether she was married, had a partner etc… and can you believe it that she is single!
And so we had a good laugh at the joke that she could now use these images for online dating!

Thank you Kylie for modelling for me, you are just gorgeous and you radiate confidence and beauty!

Here is a small collection of the boudoir images for you…
and in keeping with the look, i have chosen to showcase the deep, rich black and whites again!

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Also, just a reminder of the great discussion blog post of digital files vs prints/products… check it out here!

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