Katie {expecting at 35wks}

I know that when i have finished this blog post i am going to crash into bed, i am exhausted this evening, but i am just bursting to show you these images and i can not wait any longer! It is pure excitement that is keeping me pumping!

I had my session with Katie planned for yesterday, and i had to re-schedule on her at the last minute (even after she had gone to all the effort of shaving her legs especially for me!) because i was feeling headachy. I must admit that i was feeling that way after a very long and dramatic crying episode that lasted most of the morning over where i was heading with my business in terms of getting my own studio.. but this is a something else entirely, and that i will go into another time…

But it is right, that all of my images are shot in clients homes. All of them. I have never shot in a studio.

Anyway, that is a whole other story as i said, so getting back on track…

So Katie’s session was then today instead…. and, if i do say so myself, i truly did take my a-game today, no crying to distract me today.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Katie today, and actually finally meet her in person. Katie and i have been in communication via email for a number of months, and a lot of that has been friendly banter, teasing my husband for the most of it. I guess that is one enjoyable aspect of taking on a client who knows my husband through their work.

So here is a sneak peek into Katie’s session.. doesn’t she just look amazing??
And certainly not “frumpy in an artistic pose” as she thought that she would look!

{as always} x



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