Introduction of Master Louis {13 days new born}

I met Jo at the start of the school term at swimming lessons, and our two little girls soon became friends as we chatted each week on the side of the pool… Now i must admit that i am not one to push my business on to others, and i actually shy away from approaching people, and so it wasn’t for a long time that what i do came into conversation, even though i was watching the bump grow week by week.

We managed to organise a play date slash maternity shoot, and the girls played while we created a few images to captured her pregnancy before the opportunity passed… and then every week at swimming i would say to Jo, meant in the nicest possible way “i don’t want to see you next week”!

Eventually i received a lovely text message to announce the safe arrival of Baby Boy Louis Cole…
And since then, i had a little cuddle session at the last week of swimming and then at my daughters birthday party as well.
A tiny little thing, and just so content and the most adorable little face! I of course get cuddles at every session, but its not the same as getting cuddles in a social context, and so these cuddles were just extra special.

And today i had the pleasure of working with Jo, Craig and Mia for his newborn session.
(Much to my daughters disappointment that it wasn’t a play date again and that i went without her)

Louis was a dream… he slept soundly the entire session without a peep!
And Mia, my goodness, not only did she actually want to have her photo taken today, but she was just a star, and even when he pee’d on her and all over her pretty dress, she didn’t fuss and we captured some gorgeous images of the two together. But, as i like to stir the pot a little when given the chance, these images are not in this sneak peek… Jo, you have to wait.

I could have photographed Louis all day, it was a wonderful, relaxed session… and it was so special to have met Jo by chance at swimming and to now have two little girls who are friends and to have been part of this special time Jo, Craig & Mia.

{as always} x

IMG_5971aWM IMG_6049WM



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