The Gorgeous Stevie – {The Boudoir Event}

{The Boudoir Event}

It is such a pleasure to welcome the gorgeous Stevie to the blog!

Oh my goodness was she a nervous thing, so so nervous!

And to be honest, i actually expected her to cancel the day before or the day of. I really thought the nerves would get the better of her.
I have worked with Stevie before in other genre sessions and i am just thrilled that she did come along and was so brave!

Now i hope her excuse for the afternoon out cant hold up a little longer and this session can remain a wonderful surprise gift next month for her partner!

Stevie, you are a champ, i am so proud of you! And you are just gorgeous!

With special thanks once again for the hair and make up by Claire Hunt.

If you are keen on a boudoir session for yourself…
Registrations for the pre-release for the next one are now open.
Click here to view!

For more sneak peeks from the day of the other ladies, click here!

(To view this image larger, please click on the image)

boudoir event sneak peek poster


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