Exciting Changes {The Studio}

Good morning Monday!
Today is the first day of a new and exciting venture for me both personally and professionally… A leap in a new direction…
For a couple of weeks there has been some new things brewing here in the background, and gosh it has been hard to keep things quiet, i always struggle to contain my excitement!

At the start of 2013, i made the decision to no longer shoot outside the genres of maternity, newborn and boudoir, and for the last 10 months i have been re-directing myself and establishing a strong foundation ready to move the business into the next phase.

I have been longing to have my own studio for what feels like an eternity, but my life hasn’t yet been in a place where this can be a possibility, but it was always the ambition to have a studio in 2014 , but there i was only a few weeks ago making life decisions with my husband and that dream was pushed back even further to feel so far away that i couldn’t actually put a time frame on it.

I do love going to clients homes, it certainly has some great positive advantages to it, but at the same time, carting all my gear around with me and the constant pack the car, set up and pack up and then come home to unpack the car again is just draining. Clients would joke and say “you need a truck!” or “don’t you get sick of doing this?”, and my reply started off as a joking agreement and then moved to a sarcastic with underlying truth of “don’t even talk to me about that!”

And its not the sheer lazy factor either, from an artistic point of view as well, to have limitations be put on your and what you can create because of space, the primary reason for me, but a hundred other factors come into the equation.
I love all my clients, and i love that they welcome me into their homes. But it is simply not the ideal scenario. Not for what i want to do. It has worked for me, but as i am growing more, i need to spread those wings out and what once was working isn’t and its time for a change and a step up!

So as my husband and i were assessing our lives and where we were heading, considering all aspects from financial to logistical, it was so disheartening, mainly because i have come to a point in my photography journey that i have found where my passion is and what and how i want to shoot, the style i want, the look that i want and i am very limited in the ability to create these in my current situation.

As you know, i had a one on one mentoring day in September, and the thing that hit home was that she said “your ability as a photographer and the success of your business will not progress to its full potential nor as quickly as it could without a studio space”.

So i came home, took a few days to let that sink in and really process what she had said, all that i had learned and then i sat my husband down. It wasn’t any longer that i wanted a studio, it was that i actually needed one. And we needed to find a way to accommodate that.

I have made all these efforts to move my business into the next phase and now i’ve come to a wall and i can’t really go on but rather i am stuck here in limbo, all that work to come to a point that i stop at. And i stop there at the wall when i can see what is on the other side and i can imagine what is beyond that, and yet i can’t take any more steps forward.

I liken it to someone on their “L plates”, so close to being able to drive but just not able to be released onto the roads. That restriction when you have that burning desire to do something and you are just so close but can’t quite do it yet.

A lot of tears later, a lot of conversations later, more tears, phone calls and all that…

And i found a solution. And now, i have a studio.

The dream is to have a custom designed space on my own property, with external access.
And i write it here that i will have this within the next 3 years.
You can hold me to that.  God knows i am holding my husband to that too.

It is at this point that i would like to thank a wonderful, generous and thoughtful friend, and her husband, for coming to the rescue and providing me with the opportunity to lease and transform their “man cave” into a space that i can work in.

I am so excited to be taking this next leap, its a huge deal for me and something that i didn’t think would actually eventuate.
It brings fresh hope and promise, it brings ideas and creativity. It brings my work and my business to a new level.

So for the next couple of weeks i will putting all my efforts into creating a beautiful space that i can welcome clients into, hopefully opening mid-November.  And by effort, i mean stripping walls that are floor to ceiling covered in posters of trucks – stuck down with liquid nails!

The studio will operate for maternity and newborn sessions only.
Boudoir sessions will be being hosted only as part of {The Boudoir Event} every 2-3 months at a boutique hotel.

I look forward to being able to blog again soon with updates on the progress of the studio, showing before and after photos as it transforms. And more than that, i look forward to opening its doors to my amazing clients and sharing this journey with them.

{as always} x


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