Introduction of Baby Brydie {8 days newborn}

Brydie is a dear little poppet, she is just beautiful, and today i had the pleasure of capturing her newborn images.

One of the things that fascinates me about newborns is that even within the first few days after birth, they have such amazing little personalities already. The all have their own little way about them… what they like and don’t like, the faces that they pull and all the little mannerisms that make up who they are as a unique little individual.

Brydie was one of those who even at 8 days newborn is such a character… the grumpy faces she would pull if she wasn’t happy with a movement you made, the way she holds her hands up to her face or sticks her tongue out… even the way she would have a little grizzle to let you know she wasn’t impressed but that was it, just making the statement and then a big sigh and she would settle into it and be back content.

I suppose with newborns you can’t enter a session with too much planned out. I try not to, but usually i have a rough idea of what i am going to do, something i might like to try etc… usually it turns out or is easily enough adapted depending on baby and how things are progressing… but today after the first few shots, Brydie wasn’t a little distressed and with the shots that i had in mind she would need to be on her tummy and she just wasn’t happy that way, so the session came to an end it became clear (or should i say brownish-yellow!) that she had an upset tummy.

Nevertheless, we captured some beautiful images and i am so thrilled to be able to share a sneak peek with you all this evening…

Also, just a reminder about the current maternity (and newborn included) casting call… details are here.

{as always} x

IMG_6555WM IMG_6551aWM



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