My Style {You Thoughts}

I put this as a Facebook status yesterday, and it turned out to be quite emotional to read everyone’s feedback… so rather than let it fade down the page on Facebook, i wanted to put it here as well so that those who aren’t Facebook followers can access this, but also as sometimes you can get so caught up in life that you loose sight of a goal, or loose confidence or focus, forget what the basic is all about… so this is here for me too, so that i can look back and know all the reasons why i do what i do and why i love what i do.

{21st October 2013}

… so as you know, in the last couple of months i have had some big changes going on… from little things like moving to USBs over CDs to medium things like a new website and new products and then to the larger things like the beginning of setting up my new studio…

one of the other things that you may have noticed is a new direction in terms of the way that i photograph maternity and newborn…

i love the raw and natural beauty, i love featuring skin, and particularly in pregnancy embracing the female body, i love the simplicity and artistic way of rich black and whites using light, shadow and shade.

i would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on these types of images…

they are different, they are bold, they aren’t like the typical newborn style either…

have a look through the blog (which you can access via and the albums on here and on the website as well…

and drop me a line either on this post or leaving comment on a particular blog post or even send me a PM or email.

i love it… what about you!?? x


{And you all said in reply}

“I adore this type of artistic photography- your the only one I have seen do it …Its so nice to see something different is available. something classic, high end type thing. that is simple and pure rather than the traditional baby portraiture that’s everywhere. well done on your new venture. Congratulations!” – S. Johnson

“I might be a tad biased because you have photographed my sisters maternity photos and then her newborn photos, but I absolutely LOVE the new direction. In an industry where, it feels like, every other person is sitting behind a camera, it’s so nice to see you making a leap and standing out from the crowd and trying a new format. Keep up the brilliant work. I imagine C A P T U R E D by koorine will be about for many years to come!!” – A. Piggot

“I think your photos are beautiful. You make women feel beautiful like they really are, your creating a lasting memory for mothers and for the children later on in life, and you also become their friend. The photos are artistic and elegant, and your style is unique.” – A. Moore

“I think this new direction is amazing. So nice to see something different to the “usual” style of maternity and newborn photography. The pregnant body is beautiful and incredible and your photos illustrate this in a natural and raw way. It’s also so refreshing to see babies without all the props and fluffy things, just natural and peaceful. I can not be happier with my photos and will cherish them for many years to come. Keep up the good work xx” – M. Jackson

“I love it. I think your work is great/amazing and you have come so far in such a short period of time.
If only more people were comfortable in their own skin.” – T. Ray

“I can certainly say that it’s amazing. Considering I used to cringe at the idea of seeing myself “nude”, getting the maternity shots done was a huge boost of confidence. I adore them and would recommend you to anyone (and have). I can’t wait to have Sofie photographed in the next few days in your style. It all feels natural with you – there is no awkwardness, no gimmicks, no ridiculous costumes, etc. It’s about the beauty of pregnancy and a newborn. Once I have had all my children and get back into a shape I’m happy with I would even consider boudoir! And that is something I would have laughed about before I met you – your professionalism and skill is perfect. A big smile is on my face when I look at your photos. I’m privileged to have been photographed by you.” – K. Richardson

Feeling all the love, thank you so much everyone for all your support and encouragement, it means the absolute world to me, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so excited by this new direction, it feels right to me on a personal level and i love that i can overflow that touch into the business side as well. I look forward to creating more images for you all to see and share in the future, and i am so glad to have you all on board!

{as always} x


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