Introduction of Baby Sofie {8 days newborn}

Firstly let me take you back to where it all began… it began with a stunning maternity session.
You can view that by clicking here.

And now, that story is complete with these newborn images, captured when baby girl Sofie was only 8 days new.

Sometimes you have an extra special session, a session that comes with a story to tell. Every session in its own right is beautiful and amazing, but every now and then comes along one that just has a heart touching back story that makes the miracle of the baby just even more humbling.

This was one of those sessions.
Sofie is a long awaited, so very loved little girl.
A little girl that has blessed this family after so much heartache, loss, and tears.
She is a true triumph to the love, strength and journey that has been endured.
And she is just divine! Absolutely gorgeous!
To have been a part of this journey with Sofie and her family has been an absolute pleasure, and i am just so thrilled for the family and the birth of baby Sofie. I truly believe that the happiness radiates through these images so clearly.

Yesterday was an amazing session!
Big sister so proud and happy. And gosh, so well behaved, just incredible!
Mum so content and warm, just quietly adoring, and taking it all in her stride.
And… Dad… Dad was so excited it was like Christmas morning!
I don’t think i have ever had a Dad be so giddy with excitement, it was just beautiful!
And then there was little Sofie, just perfect… and it gives me so much joy to be able to share these images with you…

{as always} x





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