Progress Report – {The Studio}

This is a short and sweet little post as a bit of a progress report for the new studio, due to open in November 2013.

If you didn’t see the blog post earlier this month revealing the exciting changes about the studio, click here.

The progress (much to the dislike of my lack of patience and over excitement) has been somewhat slow…
But, nevertheless, it has begun… and so going back a few weeks that’s more than i could say then.

My original plan was to create a few entries showing various stages of the transformation… but my plan has now shifted to simply showing you some before shots and then once completed, the after.

One thing that clients often say to me is that they can’t believe how their images turn out to look when they see how they are actually taken.

So that the final image looks nothing like they anticipated after seeing for themselves how the images were actually created.
And this isn’t all about photoshop and editing and all that, its about the very beginning and the creation of the image, how the image is constructed at the time of shooting actually shooting it, all those behind the scenes details, the set up
So its about having a vision and taking it from just a vision into something more.

So i decided today that i would share with you a couple of “before” shots and show you what it looked like to begin with, because it will look very different once completed. And i am sure that some of you out there will look at this and wonder how on Earth it could transform into a beautiful studio.

But, because i am a creative and because i have a vision… you will see soon enough, just like my clients do with their images, how something can start right from scratch, the behind the scenes, the basic set up, and transform into something entirely different as the finished product.

{as always} x



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