Introduction of Baby Ella {9 days newborn}

Gosh the blog here has been a little quiet of late… have been so busy behind the scenes here and have neglected the blog a little, but of course that means a back log of entries and so overload of posts soon to come.

But this post is for the beautiful baby girl i met last week, Ella, at 9 days newborn.
I first met mummy Jess and Daddy Alex for their maternity session a few months prior, which you can view by clicking here.
And now it is such a pleasure to complete the story of their newborn session following Ella entering the world.

Ella is just gorgeous! You know that type of chubby newborn baby, all podgy and round. She oozes the cuteness and was just a pleasure to work with. Except for maybe a good 45mins in the middle of the session where she had other ideas, like lulling me into thinking she was going to be a sleepy baby for the whole session. Start and end yes, middle no.

This was my last session in a clients home, and of course, it had to be bucketing with rain the whole time so unpacking and packing the car up was just a reminder of how much i am excited to now be shooting in a studio space of my own!

I am so thrilled for Jess and Alex completing their little family with Ella’s arrival, you can see the love they have for her and for each other so clearly. Alex is an amazing support, fabulous partner for Jess and doing so well as a first time dad, its so lovely to see how involved he is and how much he is a team with Jess.

A huge thank you to Jess and Alex for the pleasure of being part of such a precious time in their lives, i can’t wait to show you the rest of the images from the day, but in the mean time here is a little sneak peek for you!

{as always} x



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