The Grand Opening {The Studio}

Today is a very exciting day…

Today has been in the making for what seems like an eternity…

Today has been lived and breathed… dreamed about…

Tears and sweat have gone into today…

Today is the start of a new chapter…


I am so excited to open the doors on my very first studio!

There are a couple of people that i just can’t thank enough for this new venture…

The first of which is Ainslie from Wild Spirit Photography in QLD. In September i had a one on one mentoring day with her, and the things that we discussed really were the final push that i needed to take things from a “want” to a “need”. And, find a solution that would work for  both my business and my family. All of this empowered me, gave the the confidence and the drive to take the next step. I am sure that without this, i would still be sitting here feeling deflated and hopeless and feeling as though the dream was so out of reach.

Secondly, I would love to thank Mr&Mrs M for their generosity and support and for providing me with the space and freedom to transform it. Opening your property and your hearts to me is just so much more than i could have ever expected, thank you for taking me in and being the key to the studio. You are both such amazing people and i am just ever so grateful for all that you have done.
Mrs M, you do still owe me a screw for my coffee table, i won’t ever forget that.

And my rock. My husband. My everything.
Thank you for your support, patience, understanding, encouragement, reality checks and constant sarcasm. I love you and i love how you love me. I can’t ever thank you enough for not only everything you have done for me in the studio process, but throughout the entire journey since i asked you to buy me a camera. Thank you for pushing through being unwell and still slaving in the studio for me to get it done on time. I know patience isn’t my forte and i don’t know how you manage to hold me down and put up with it all, but you are simply amazing. But you know that already, don’t you?

Thank you!

I’ve got two special offers on at the moment, that will be available for bookings made in the remainder of November only, for sessions as per the individual offers. So make sure you take advantage of these while they are available, and feel free to share this blog post with family and friends who you know that might be interested as well.

swirl floral янв1
swirl floral янв1
Ok… so before you see the end result… here is a refresher on how it did look:


And now… it is time to show you my new space, the new home of C A P T U R E D by koorine {photography}.

I am so excited to be able to finally open to the doors and share this new chapter with you!
And i am even more excited to jump straight in and start shooting in here!

This is the new home, my new space… and its finally here!

{as always} x


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