Introduction of Baby William – {9 days newborn}

This session starts with a recent Facebook status saying “help, i need a baby” and a whole bunch of people contacting me and tagging friends to come to the rescue and assist me…
I was on the hunt for a newborn to photograph to give my new studio a test run, and i was finding the patience of waiting for those to clients already booked for newborn sessions to actually have their babies enter the world so so hard!

Then long came Anna, with baby William making the 6th and final addition to this absolutely beautiful family!
It was an absolute please to photograph this family yesterday, such warm hearts and such lovely souls.

William weighs in at 10 pounds, making him the biggest baby i have photographed, and he is just divine!
Big smoochy cheeks and lips and a little strawberry mark on his forehead and the little crease line on the bridge of his nose.
Just perfect.

One of the things that i loved about shooting in clients homes was how casual and relaxed it could be, i loved being comfortable and informal, and it was always on my mind wondering what the atmosphere would be like in the studio and it was just so lovely that i could invite Anna into the new studio and still have a casual and relaxed feel…
Jokes, laughs, chatting, good fun teasing, treats and all with our socks off and hair down. That is how i like it!

A newborn session is a long time, average is about 3 hrs, and for children to be in a small space with little entertainment, it can be a challenge, but gosh these kids blew me away yesterday… they were amazing, so so amazing and i simply can’t thank them enough for their patience, especially as we worked to create their individual shots with their newest little brother.

I am keeping this blog post to be all about the children, because it was so clear that there is so much love and admiration from Pat and Anna for all of their children, all for their individual personalities and the joy they each bring to their family.

This is them… these are the children…

{as always} x



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