Introduction of Baby Winter – {14 days newborn}

The weekend was back to back newborn sessions for me, both of these sessions started with a shout out on Facebook looking for newborns so give my studio a test run, i was finding it impossible to wait for my already booked clients to have their babies, so a stack of people came to the rescue and i found two lovely clients to work with on Saturday.
The first of which was blogged yesterday which you can view here, which was all about the kids.

This blog post is all about the gorgeous little third girl to the family, a precious little thing with a full head of hair, at 14 days newborn.

Now in this post i want to keep it all about the parents…

So many parents decline to have images taken of themselves with their new baby, i understand that…
Your session is within days of your life being turned upside down as a new addition comes along, which no matter how prepared you are, you are still overwhelmed and everything has changed on you over night so you are adjusting  and you are tired, maybe stressed, flustered, mum isn’t feeling all that stunning after a long 9mnths and is recovering from the birth, dads seem to never like photos anyway… i get that.

But lets skip forward one year… when your new little baby is turning one and you stop and think “where on Earth has this last year gone?” or “she is growing up too fast, where has my little baby gone?”…

Now lets skip forward to to that day they ask to see their baby photos, so many of them but where features mum and dad?…

We could keep skipping forward in these scenarios but the point to this is that part of being parents is creating a legacy for your children that can be passed down… i truly believe to the core of my being that parents must exist in photos for the sake of their children… one day we will be gone, and what is it that we will be leaving behind for our children, and our childrens children?

Whatsmore, these precious moments are a flicker in time that you can’t ever get back. You can’t ever change once they have passed and gone. We need to embrace every moment, and capture it in time for the next generation to come.

Now, this is all well and good, and it certainly isn’t a criticism of Lauren and Shane, because i completely understand why they would have chosen to not have images taken, they represent the larger portion of parents out there, and this is something that i encounter often but i wanted to use them as an example for all those future clients out there, to share in their story to show you how much just one image can mean for the future – it is not about today – its about those moments that haven’t come yet…

Beyond being a memory or “just a photo” its about emotion, connection, love… photographs are just so powerful, they have so much depth, so much meaning…

Lauren looked amazing on Saturday, she was radiant… she just looked beautiful. Shane had a that new dad proud glow to him, and watching him play with his girls was just magical, so much love to give and enjoying the little moments with them. I knew i had to capture their photo, i knew i just had to, for them. (and perhaps a little for me).

So in being so passionate about this, when clients decline, i urge them, i encourage them, i almost don’t even give them a choice…
After all, it takes a few minutes of their day (and they are already there anyway) to take the image, and if they don’t like it when they see it, they don’t have to buy it, so really by taking it they aren’t loosing anything…
But what they have to gain is so precious, so huge, is just so much more…

And as yet, i have not had a single client that has not loved their image of themselves with their new baby…

And I believe that when Lauren and Shane see these, they will also just be overwhelmed with joy, be humbled and so glad that they did trust in me, listen to me, believe my words and have their image taken…

Thank you Lauren and Shane for giving me such great pleasure working with you and your three gorgeous girls, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture these for you and create a legacy for you to have for today, but for the future.
For you to trust in me and give me this honour, i am so blessed, and i hope that you find so much more in these images than you thought you would at first.
(ps: oh my goshhhhh the ones of the other two girls with Winter are just divine!!! But i’m making you wait on those hehe!)

{as always} x




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