I Will Do Anything – {For You, My Client}

I love my clients, i love them so dearly. For so many reasons.
But one reason that I love that they come to me, for me.
Not because i’m the only one who has a session time available, or the cheapest around, or the one that came up at the top of the Google search… i love that they come for me.
That they put their trust in my person, in my business, in my artistic eye, my style, knowledge, experience and all that.
I am not just “another photographer” to them, i am different, i have a different style, look, expression to my work. And they come to me specifically for that.
And i can not begin to explain that absolute honour and privilege that it is to be part of these precious moments in their lives.

And is because of this… that I will do anything for my clients, anything that is within my capabilities i will do.
You aren’t just “another client” to me in the list of them all. And this means that I will go that extra mile, i will do what ever i possibly can for you and your session… whether that be spending extra time, purchasing a particular prop, replicating an image from your first baby to capture the second in the same way, whether that means doing payment plans or sourcing an unusual print size for an antique frame you want to use…

And this blog post is about one of those stories…

My client in this story comes from a long line of generations past of hunters. And their new little boy will be no exception to that family tradition and way of life.

When i was first asked to photograph a newborn with a deer head or antlers, i was somewhat put off. I must admit that. It seemed weird, not my cup of tea. I wasn’t sure how i would do it, if it would look good, be tasteful or even if i could pull it off! It wasn’t within my usual style either. I wasn’t sure how well it would be received. It was different. And that scared me.

But when i thought about it, i was actually excited to accept the challenge, to think outside the square, push the normal boundaries. And beyond that… this is their baby, this is their memory, their wall that it hangs and my job is to create and capture something that is special, emotive, memorable and priceless to THEM… it isn’t about me at all.

So when baby M entered the world, we created the first image in a series of three.
It was popular. It created a buzz. Some loved it. Some not so much.
For me, i was impressed with myself that i could create something that i felt was still artistic, tasteful, respectful, and more to that… i created something that this client adored, and will forever cherish. And that, right there, means i have done my job.

Now think of those images you see where a baby is photographed with his dads police hat and belt? Or with her mums ballet slippers? Or perhaps with the family fave sporting team items? Or with the dog? Or motorbike helmet? There are plenty of these around. And these images of the baby with something that is special to the family, something that has meaning and depth and is unique.
These images are no different.

So while these aren’t my personal cup of tea.. they are what this family is about. They are something that is close to their heart and has more meaning that you or i could explain.

The challenge for us though is to look at these images not with a judgmental eye as to whether we like the concept or not, whether we agree with it or not, but to look at the image as a piece of art and a special and significant moment in time captured for this family and what it might mean to them. You don’t have to like it, because it isn’t your image, its not your wall that it will hang on and it isn’t your memory its there for. But to look at these images and see beyond that is right there and find and see that deeper meaning and deeper reason for them.

Now i used to offer a baby plan for sessions from maternity right through to 12mnths, i no longer do, however this client had signed up to this plan and so their sessions are still in the making as i honour this booking in its entirety.

Here are the first two installments of Master M’s first year… newborn and 6mnths.

I will do anything for my clients, because your session is about you, and it should be unique and individual and should melt your heart, like these images do for this client. It isn’t about me, or the next person in the line.
It is about you. And i am honoured that you have chosen me to entrust and create at such a precious time.
And i will do anything for you, to ensure that i can deliver you with the full service and product that you desire.

{as always} x




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