Saturday Session – {Boudoir}

Back in September, i had a one on one mentoring day where the gorgeous Kylie came as a boudoir model and we captured some wonderful shots which you can view by clicking here.

I am a great believer that images you capture whilst at workshops, training days and the like should not be used in your portfolio, and if used in other ways such as social media, blogs etc, they should be clearly labelled appropriately.

As a general rule, images that you capture on these days are not uniquely yours – someone else, if not multiple people, have the same shot. Perhaps a slightly different angle or a different look to the image once edited, but more often than not, someone else has decided on the location or set up of the shot, posed the subject (is the subject actually a model too?), fine tuned the lighting on the subject and all you have done is come along and clicked the button in a set up that has very little chance of variable camera settings to the next person in line who is also at the training day taking that exact same shot.

And, whatsmore, chances are you are using equipment that you don’t own and this will also affect the end result. Perhaps too you are also using techniques that you haven’t used before, after all you are at a workshop to learn, and you can’t possibly master these in one sitting.

So therefore, if you were to put these images in your portfolio, this isn’t a clear or accurate representation of your work, you style, your ability, your craft, vision, results etc… and your clients come to you, and part with their hard earned money for something that they see your name belonging to but yet you can’t actually replicated or achieve time and time again.

And it is unfortunate that there are photographers (and i use that term loosely) that do this and the clients are none the wiser….

So… while i have some of Kylie’s images from the mentoring day both here and on Facebook, they are clearly shown and explained to have been taken under instruction. So while you can see the images, i am not mis-representating myself or my business as i am not showing these images as way of claiming these images to be solely mine due to lack of explanation or side note…

After my workshop day with Kylie, i wanted to get her back to shoot again… i wanted this woman in my portfolio! And today, i did that.

Kylie has such long legs, reallllly long legs. She is tanned, with long hair.
Her eyes are deep, very alluring.
Can you believe she is single? What is wrong with you men!?
And as a client she is so easy to work with, really relaxed and comfortable and up for a laugh as well.

So today, i met up with Kylie again, specifically to shoot some simple images, still within the boudoir scope, but without the use of beds and other furniture. Just her. Simple. Classic. And just stunning.

Thank you Kylie for being your gorgeous self and working with me again today.
I look forward to the day you make that big purchase and we can shoot pink all day!… that’s right, we already have another session lined up!

{as always} x



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