Changes – {maternity}

I am sure you all have seen by now the recent special feature for maternity – “Beautiful Belly, Beautiful Bump, You Are Beautiful” – which if you haven’t yet viewed, you can do so by clicking here.

This special feature launches 2014…

Capturing Beauty | Creating Art

2013 saw a lot of changes – mid year i changed everything to bring a new clean and sleek look to the brand, launched this blog and a new website, began “The Boudoir Event” days, but the biggest change was the style in which i photographed my clients for maternity and newborn…

And behind that was bringing forward the feeling and mentality that i have within me, and making it at the forefront of everything i do. It has always been there, but it has been the silent driving force within me, and i need to give it a voice and show people that my photography is much more to me than work… it is a passion and it stems from something so very real and this needs to be shared and truly embraced and give more depth and meaning to me, to my business and the art that i create for you.

Maternity and newborn, to me, is so much more powerful than just a photo or a memory.
Its so emotive and precious. Its about beauty and the natural process of love and life.
It is… simply everything.

And ultimately, what i want to evoke this year is all that emotion that surrounds maternity in particular… pairing it with the raw beauty of the new life, captured simply and artistically, timeless and perfect.

With that in mind…

With huge excitement…

It is an absolute pleasure to now offer maternity sessions complimentary to
all newborn bookings, with a print included as my gift.

In addition, i also invite all enquirers for an in-person consultation with no obligation to proceed in a formal session booking.

I look forward to 2014, it is already, 9 days in, shaping to be an extraordinary one indeed and i simply
can’t wait to share it all with you!

{as always} x


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