Introduction of Baby Amali – {12 days newborn}

Amali is the sweetest little poppet and was such a pleasure to photograph, as the first baby of 2014!

To take a step backwards, Jade’s maternity session can be viewed by clicking here.

Amali is teeeeeeny tiny! Absolutely beautiful!

It is amusing (and i say that because if i don’t laugh i might just cry) that all those babies that mums say are good sleepers, sleep for hours without a peep, nod back off straight after a feed… they are the ones that are a handful on their session day.

But its those, like Amali, where the mums are worried their baby won’t co-operate and we won’t get any photos… they are the ones that are a dream to work with…

I told you Jade, i told you to just come to the session and it would be fine… and i was right!!
She was perfect for her session, just perfect!

Here is sweet little Amali… at 12 days newborn…

{as always} x



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