The Boudoir Event – {January 2014}

Oh my gosh. Amazing. I can’t begin to express just how amazing the January sessions of The Boudoir Event were! Just incredible!

A huge thank you goes to Claire Hunt for her fabulous hair and make up… you can connect with her on Facebook here.
She is amazing, a real pleasure to work with and just so brilliant at her craft. I can’t encourage you to book Claire for any special occasion make up, she is just brilliant!

Did you see the “inside view” posted here the other day? If not… click here.

Another shout out goes to Alisha from Monkee Moo Photography… here page is here on Facebook.
She has been a huge help in the above mentioned “inside view” taking behind the scenes shots for me. Monkee Moo Photography is one of the local photographers that i would encourage clients to get in touch with when looking for family portraits.

I usually write a lot when i blog, but lately i’ve been aiming to have my images speak for me, speak perhaps louder than any words possibly could… so in keeping with that… i am going to let the images and in fact, let the women themselves speak for me…

I am so thrilled to present to you all…

{The Boudoir Event} – January 2014.

Click To View Here.

{as always} x


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