Before & After – {boudoir}

I often get asked about what editing is done for, in particular, boudoir.
And often its really a hard thing to answer because each client and each image will be a case by case basis.

Usually i try to explain that i enhance, i don’t change.

It is more important to me to try and get the image right before the shot is even taken. So posing women in a flattering way, lighting them, the angle and lining up the shot etc so that the editing process is quite minimal.

And of course, i try to see all the little details and fix these before taking the shot, but often i miss them and i do correct them in post-production, i am not perfect and i do make mistakes, and the amount of little details to look for, especially for boudoir, sometimes they do slip past me.

So i got in touch with Ebony today and asked for her permission to show you this image of her, and to show it as a “before and after”. She is just stunning, you could dress her in a garbage bag with week old un-brushed hair and she would still be gorgeous, but these images of her are something else… and as you can see, its not all about Photoshop and making her something that she is not.

I have written below the image all the things that i have done to this image and in no way have i changed her, you can see how she was to begin with, and all the things i list are simple enhancements only.


What has been done to this image?

Marks and indents on the carpet have been removed.
Minor blemishes, such as bruises on the legs, have been removed.
Skin tone on the legs has been warmed up to better match the skin exposed on her back.
Her leg is pressed up against the chair back and has made it an uneven shape, this has been corrected.
Her thumb is sticking up over her shoulder near her neck and this has been removed.
The height of the hair at the top of the head has been lowered.
The shine of the flash has been removed from her shoe and softened on her shoulder.
A very subtle skin softener has been applied all over, with a heavier application on her legs.
Eyelashes have been sharpened.
The robe has been darkened and moved over to the right near her leg.
The curve and arch in her back are hidden by the way the robe falls, the robe has been slightly pulled in on the left to help show her natural form.
An all over filter has been applied to enhance the shadows and tones of the image.

Another insight into the behind the scenes of boudoir can be viewed on the website, in the downloads section you can access the boudoir inside view using password: insideboudoir (all one word, all lower case).

I hope that this post helps you to see a little more as to what is involved in boudoir… and that its about enhancing, not changing.
You are already beautiful, and it is my job to work with you to show that before i even pick up the camera. The rest is a tweak only. I hope to be able to show you more images in the future as “before and afters” as well.

Thank you Ebony for your permission to use your images, you are so beautiful, inside and out!

{as always} x


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