The Article – {boudoir}

Today is a pretty exciting day, i mean, who doesn’t love their minute in the spot light??!

But more than that… and certainly most importantly, i am so pleased the Boudoir is getting the exposure that it needs, and deserves!

On the mainland Boudoir is certainly a lot more established than here in little Tasmania, and it is about time that we stepped it up and it has been, and is, my drive to really create a bigger market for Boudoir here.

I can rave on and on about Boudoir, but my audience is limited, but now the whole of Tasmania, well those who read The Mercury anyway, can read it from another angle and hear not just from me but interviews with my clients and other photographers as well.

When The Mercury called me to discuss an article about Boudoir to say i was jumping up and down is quite literal, and those who have had sessions with me in any genre will know my silly little happy dance i do when i know i’ve nailed an awesome shot!

But it wasn’t about getting my name (or giant picture) in the paper, it was about getting the word out there about Boudoir and all that it is, and what it is not. Two of my beautiful clients were also interviewed for the article as well, and a couple of other photographers were quoted as well. It is there to show people that Boudoir is fabulous, it’s popularity is on the rise and that it is about boosting self esteem, and that the every day woman is who the client base is! Don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself!

Boudoir… every woman should!

{as always} x

IMG_9771 IMG_9772


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