The Big Difference – {Black and White}

“It doesn’t matter if you are black or white”… well, actually, it does. In terms of your images that is.

What does “custom black and white” really mean??

It means, that for each and every image, i do not use any pre-sets or functions to convert images from colour to black and white.
It means, that for each and every image, the version of black and white is custom created, fine tuned to that particular image.

So why is this important, why can’t i just take my colour photo and convert it using the kiosk machines at the print lab?

Well, because this isn’t custom black and white. It’s generic. It’s all the same.  It’s automatic. And it’s boring.

At first glance, they look good when done like this. I can agree to that.
But then when you put them side by side and see the full potential of the image… wow.
And this is all about educating clients… to show them the difference.

In custom black and whites…
There is contrast, there is depth, there is a clear focus point, there is clarity, and there is pretttttty!

My style of photography has emphasis on light and shade.
I love the simplicity of deep and rich shadows and brighter tones to highlight the feature of the image.

Let me show you what i mean…


Why am i telling you this? Just because. Another little snippet insight into what i do, my style, my way…

{as always} x

Ps – How utterly adorable is Miss M in this shot?!! Just divine!


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