The “Why” Question – {Birth Photography}

“Why on Earth would i want to have a stranger come and photograph me giving birth, ewwww!”

That is the question.

The answer? Well, let me give it to you, right here, right now.

Birth photography isn’t for everyone, that is true, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. And if by the end of reading this post, it isn’t something that appeals to you, then that is perfectly fine. But, if it is something that has got your brain ticking over, something that perhaps you would like to find out more about, then i encourage you to research it more – whether by directly contacting me or using the powers of the internet, explore and research and discover more for yourself.


So to answer the question, lets first actually get a definition of what birth photography is all about. Lets make sure that we are all on the same page, talking about the exact same thing. That we aren’t mislead or unsure of what it actually is, not what we think it is.


Birth photography is a popular genre on the main land, yet something new here in Hobart. It is a photojournalistic style of photography, it is a documentary of the labour, the delivery and the first early moments. It is a fly on the wall perspective, it is unobtrusive. It is all done as the moments unfold, nothing is posed, planned, set up, re-done or re-produced. Each birth is going to give a completely different story to the next. No two births are going to be the same. It is capturing your time, your birth, your baby.


Lets also take a moment to discuss the “ewwww” element of the question. Whether things such as the crowning are captured, that is all the decision of the mother. If she would like those moments photographed with a “down below” look, then sure, photos are taken of it all. If however she doesn’t want photos of “down there”, then as she delivers, photos are taken around that, not actually of it. And you know what, it isn’t ewwww. Focus on just how amazing it is that we can create life and birth life. Our bodies are incredible! It is all about a baby being born! A little person! A new life! What a miracle! What a precious gift! It should be celebrated!


Now lets look at the “stranger” part of the question. Yes, right now i am a name on a page, just a website or blog post, i am a portfolio of images and a Facebook page. I am a stranger. But i am not going to walk into your birth like that. By the time your birth comes around, i am going to be someone you know, someone you trust, someone you feel comfortable with. And if i am not, then you won’t have booked with me anyway. When i get an initial enquiry, all the information is sent. If from that you are still interested, then we arrange a time to go for a coffee and meet in person and discuss your birth together with no obligation to book. After that, if you are wanting to book in, then we make another time to go for a coffee (gosh i love coffee!) and formalise the booking. And then before you birth we meet again. And we can meet as many times as you like! So when the times, when i walk into that room, i am not a stranger to you, i am a friendly face, someone you know. And whatsmore, i am a professional.


Professional. Let me elaborate. What is my role?
Firstly, i understand that birth is a very personal time, and i respect every birthing mother, her birthing space, and her own individual needs during the labour and delivery. I am there to be your photographer. Nothing else. It is that simple. This is your birth. Your time. Your baby.
My role does not over shadow your support person/s.
What my role does, is document your birth. Quietly and discreetly. The words were used before – “unobtrusive” and “fly on the wall”.
I warn you though, i cry. I cry when the babies are born. Not a huge sob, but a little emotional tear rolls down.
It is such an honour, a privilege. It is the most amazing thing to witness. And it is simply beautiful.


Alrighty so moving on to the big WHY part of the question.

Every single birth is going to be different, and by photographing your birth, we can document and record and tell the story of bringing your precious baby into the world.


Labour and delivery is long and exhausting, so much focus is on getting through it and so little time to embrace and enjoy the smaller details. The pain is overwhelming and thoughts move from what a joyous occasion to nothing more than wanting to pain to be over. Through it all moments go unnoticed as the day and night blur together as the hours tick over and over.
We become consumed as women into ourselves (and rightly so!) and what we are experiencing that we don’t actually get to see all that is going on, we aren’t able to see all the moments and record all those memories…
The helpless look on your partners face, the raw emotion of love and pride, their helplessness… as they hold you, comfort you, embrace you. We don’t see the tears in their eyes as they whisper encouragement in your ear, telling you that you can keep going and you can do it.
You don’t get to see your own face and see the sheer determination, see your own bravery and strength. You don’t get to see yourself becoming a mother, see yourself going through all that you endure to bring your baby into the world.
You feel for those first moments the joy as you hold them in your arms for the first time and look at their little face and you hear their first cry… but can you capture that feeling forever? Yes, you can… by having that overwhelming joy on your face, that smile and those tears, photographed.
Have that forever memory of the first time you looked into your baby’s eyes, as they look back at you, mesmerized.
What about when your partner cuts the cord, to see the honour on their face, their pride. Would you see that otherwise if it wasn’t photographed?
The fresh baby, seconds old, so perfect, so new. That deep breath you take when they place baby on your chest for the first time. That defining moment. The realization. That your little baby is here. With you. In your arms.


If that description isn’t enough, then i will leave you with two slideshows to showcase two births that i have recently photographed.
Still to this day, weeks on, they bring goosebumps to my skin, as each and every time i watch them, i relive those precious moments.


Eliana’s Story and Ellie’s Story.

Birth photography.
Real. Powerful. Emotive.

ellie coverannoucement

I invite you to contact me to personally discuss your birth, and how we can tell the story of your baby entering the world, to cherish forever.

{as always} x



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