From Impossible to Possible – {Photoshop}

 “You can just Photoshop that, right?”

The funniest one i have ever heard is where there were a bunch of photos of a family, and one woman at the end saw that in all the photos her husband had his hat on, and so she asked the photographer if they could photoshop the hat out. The photographer said yes, and asked what the mans hair colour was for when they were to add it in… and the woman replied “don’t be silly, you’ll see his hair when you remove the hat” !!

It is a common misconception that anything and everything can be Photoshopped. And while most things CAN be Photoshopped, the limitation is on the photographers SKILLS using Photoshop that will determine whether “you can just Photoshop that, right?” is easier said than done.

As a photographer, your aim is to get as much as possible right in camera before taking the shot, and then using Photoshop to help enhance or tweak. Photoshop isn’t to be relied on in and of itself. Photoshop too has limitations if the image isn’t captured well to begin with.
Getting it right in camera, and Photoshop – the two go hand in hand. They need to be used in partnership with each other.

Without opening a can of worms into a whole other subject, but there is often discussion (or debate!) over photography pricing.

But what people don’t often realise is that the price of a photographer is based upon so many aspects – not only the costs associated with running a business, the equipment and its maintenance and insurance costs etc etc… but the cost for their time and their skill.

SOMETIMES however…

Sometimes, for so many variable reasons, it doesn’t matter how hard we try, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

And then, all you can do is rely on your photographer…

And it is the combination of your photographer, their time, and talent in with Photoshop… that is the only saving grace.

This is the value of your photographer, this is what you are paying for.
Their time, their talent, their skill, their training, their patience, their attention to detail, their vision, their knowledge.
In camera. And in Photoshop.

This photo would not have been possible without all those elements…
But this family put their trust in me, and their hard earned pennies have resulted in a beautiful family photo!

{as always} x



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