Something New – {Herbal Bath}

One of the things that i have let slip this year is my blogging… i don’t know why or how that happened, because anyone who has met me knows i love a good chat, so the idea that i can sit here and write what is going on inside my fuzzy head appeals, let alone talk about what i love doing and the amazing clients and gorgeous babies that i get to meet and work with… and i suppose show off the images that i take too! So that is one of those many things on that long list of new years resolutions. Let’s see if i can actually stick to that hey??!

But this morning i am so excited to sit down and blog about some recent sessions that i have taken on as a personal project… as you know, i came back from holiday interstate and was actually done with sessions for 2014, looking forward to not working again until January. I decided though that i couldn’t just shelve the camera, i missed it too much not even having taken it on holiday for 3 weeks. So i took on a personal project, something that i had been um-ing and ah-ing about for a while, something that i had loved the look of and wanted to give a go.

Even now having undertaken a few of these sessions, i am still not (if i am honest) how i am going to incorporate them into my business, but i know that they pair with birth photography and that hopefully i will be able to bring it into what i offer as regular sessions. I am not sure. Im playing with a few ideas in my head and hopefully in the next few weeks after completing all of the sessions that i have lined up i will be able to nut out exactly how i want it to work.

For now though, they have been something fun on the side, something new and different and certainly a challenge as well… and gosh, they are just sooo pretty… and the plus side, i have so many packets of the bath mix on my desk, so my office smells like a meadow, it’s so beautiful!

Alrighty… so introducing Herbal Bath Sessions!

What is that? Well, simply put, herbal bath sessions are a short, in home session of non-posed images of baby with mum (typically, although no reason why dad’s couldn’t be in on it too!.. so any dad’s want a session hit me up, i’d love to give that a go!).

The sessions are about the bonding, the skin to skin, the closeness and connection between parent and baby, all in a relaxing, calming and soothing bath. Breastfeeding while in the bath is another option, again keeping things all about the raw and natural beauty.

The herbal bath mix not only smells divine and looks so pretty, but also has a number of natural benefits as well. It is 100% certified Australian organic and is specifically designed for use with babies post-birth. The benefits of which include reduced swelling and discomfort, prevention of infection and a natural source of pain relief, release of tension in muscles and encourages sleep by relaxation, soothing and comfort. Skin nourishment and protection, prevention of dryness and nappy rash, and also assistance with newborn acne and healing of the cord stump.

The mix contains: Calendula (which is for skin care, soothing inflammation and healing of damaged tissue, nappy rash and sore nipples), Himalayan Pink Salt (healing, cleansing and soothing of wounds), Chamomile (analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties, and used by herbalists to treat mastitis and hemorrhoids), Comfrey Leaf (healing of wounds), Lady’s Mantle/Sage/Lavender/Yarrow (protection and healing of elastin fibers, pain relief, antioxidant, deoderiser, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, promotes restoration), Shepherds Purse/Witch Hazel (assists with bleeding and bruising).

How amazing is that?!! And then to have beautiful photos of you with your baby at the same time? Yes please!

It isn’t for everyone, i appreciate that, most of what i do isn’t for everyone, and that is fine too, and i always advise seeking professional medical advice too…

But i love it… it is pretty special to be able to create these images as keepsakes for parents for years to come, but also to be part of it at the time, to see a little baby so relaxed and content… eeek makes my heart melt!

So about a week ago, i met up with a beautiful little poppet, who at the time was just on 7 weeks old, yet not even meant to be Earth-side yet! A tiny little thing, a sleeping little thing who just loveeeed her bath with her mummy!

Here are some of the beautiful photos that we took that evening…

{as always} x



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