Rachel – {expecting at 36wks}

A few months ago, i received a PM that instantly warmed my heart, it got me so excited, ecstatic even!
The news was of a new addition to a beautiful family, who i had the pleasure of photographing their wedding back in the days that i did weddings. Skip forward a few discussions and a few more weeks passed, and we had talked about doing sessions but with time up our sleeve, and with my on holidays, nothing was yet concrete, and then out of the blue, we bump into each other at the end of year dancing concert that both our girls were performing in.

Rachel and Tony, you can’t help but instantly fall in love with them, both individually, as parents, as a family and as a couple. They are just so beautiful, genuinely caring and compassionate people, who have such uplifting spirits, so clearly put on this earth to embrace life, they have such grace about them, and gosh, their kids, just such great kids… my gosh, i love them!

And yeah, Tony, even though i know you loath the idea of actually being in photos yourself, and i will have to put on my bossy hat with you, (and you now own a Nikon!), i still find you a top bloke!

So the idea of working with this family as they wait and then welcome their new addition was just… eeeekkk!
And so yesterday i caught up with Rachel to snap a few images for her…
Now technically i am still meant to be on holidays, so some of what i did with Rachel was different to my norm, i shot both my usual high contrast black and whites, but i also just for kicks wanted to do some colour. I think its important to not narrow myself so much that i can’t be diverse. While what i offer might be a particular style, i do need to keep working and improving on my skill set as a whole, and alas, that means working in colour sometimes too.

Rachel is coming back in the next few weeks for some more shots, but for now… this is one of the most amazing women and mothers that i know, that i have had the pleasure of working with… and my goodness she looks incredible!

Rachel, Tony, Master R and Miss A… i am so happy for you all, this new little bundle is going to be so blessed to have you as family!

{as always} x



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