My Friend – {Hannah}

I’d like to write this blog post about a wonderful woman, my friend Hannah.

There are many shapes and forms that friendships can take, and my friendship with Hannah, although still very new and now by distance, is a powerful relationship that i hold so very close to my heart.

Our friendship started out a bit of an odd one, although perhaps not so much odd in this day and age… but an odd one in that we were both part of a Facebook group for local Hobart Christian Mums yet hadn’t interacted or conversed with each other at all. One day i posted in there asking what the other women there thought of the work that i do, specifically looking for the Christian point of view, because i was feeling somewhat conflicted by what i did, what i believed, what i stood for etc vs how it might be perceived or received by others specifically in the Christian community. Anyway, comments came flowing in from the other women, and Hannah pipped up. And she mentioned birth photography, which is something that i had wanted to get into but for all the times that i had tried, for one reason or another had never managed to actually do it.

So Hannah and i began chatting, literally only a few lines each, drawing the conclusion that we would work together for the birth of her baby, with the intention to catch up and chat more in person to arrange it. Seriously, only a few lines. Nothing more. Not even a full conversation. One thing or another came out and life got in the way and months flew by, in fact, somewhere in there we actually lost touch, months went by and we hadn’t spoken let alone managed to met up. Crunch time came, we were only weeks out from Hannah’s due date.

So we set a date and i popped over to Hannah’s house for coffee one day, and instantly hit it off. In hindsight, i don’t know why we didn’t hit it off sooner. We have a lot in common, least of all being a love of photography. I think it was simply that we both had so much going on that we hadn’t had the chance to actually chat and get the ball rolling. And hey, anyone who froths the milk and puts chocolate sprinkles on my coffee is a keeper in my book! By the time i left Hannah’s house that day, i felt like i had known her for years.

A hop, skip and a jump away, we met up one more time for a maternity session, and then the next time i saw her it was at 4.30am on a cold and drizzly winter morning at the hospital…

You might remember the post mid-2014 for Eliana’s birth story, you can check that out by clicking here.
Check it out, even if you did when it was first blogged, it still brings goosebumps and tears every time i watch it!

And this is why, well one of the reasons, my friendship with Hannah is so special to me.
I was there to be part of one of the most special days of her life.
To share in that, to document it for her, and to be given that privilege is such an honour.

Hannah is such a beautiful soul, she is so warm and gentle, such a positive and loving woman, mother and wife. Her children are just beautiful, real delights to be around. Hannah is one of those people that you can lay your heart out to and she wouldn’t ever judge, would always be honest and supportive, always looking for the best in everyone and every thing. 2014 was full of huge challenges and changes for Hannah and her family, but she took each one in her stride with such grace.

Hannah and her beautiful family have since moved to QLD, and recently while my family and i were on holiday we managed to catch up for a quick afternoon of ice-cream and she even took some photos of me with mine!

Even though Hannah is miles away now, and even though we still struggle to keep in contact as much or as often as we would like, i feel as though non of that matters, and that she will always be there, and we can pick up right where we left off.

Well, today, i was going through some archived images, and i stumbled across Hannah’s maternity session. Some of these i have already shared, but today i found two more that i hadn’t yet touched. So while i have been procrastinating from housework this afternoon, i had a little play with two of them and i am so glad that i did… i love them! Doesn’t she look fabulous!

A side note: Now if you are wondering why i am suddenly showing images that are unlike my usual stuff, the deep and rich black and whites in studio… i have shown a few lately on Facebook, it isn’t something new, it is just something that i don’t get the opportunity to do very often… unfortunately given living in Hobart, not too many women are game to brave the cold in their underwear outside (Hannah being the exception to that, she did this in winter!)… but it is summer at the moment and so while we have the advantage of warmer weather, i’m encouraging clients to step outside, both the studio and their comfort zone and create some fabulous images to add to their studio session gallery… i do love shooting these sorts of maternity images, on location with flash, and i do offer them in conjunction with studio sessions.

At the time of her maternity session, Hannah knew she would be leaving Hobart, so we wanted to capture some images that were iconic to that… and what better than Mt Wellington and the CBD?!

I look forward to every conversation with Hannah, however few and far between. Even though we haven’t known each other long, or spent a great deal of time together, i know that we understand each other and having someone in your life that you have shared such an amazing experience with, that’s pretty special indeed.

{as always} x


And these last few images you may have seen already, i posted them up to Facebook a while ago…
but just in case, here they are…



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