Herbal Bath – {Baby Hugo & Vanessa}


Over the last few weeks i have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa, as she awaited the arrival of her new addition, a second little boy…

Vanessa is one of those people who is genuinely lovely, beautiful on the inside and out… totally flexible and adaptable… happy to step out of her comfort zone and give anything a go… and when the prospect of a herbal bath session came her way, she snapped it up without hesitation. And i am so glad that she did, it has been wonderful getting to know her, her baby-belly-bump and then to meet her new little man, Hugo!

Oh baby Hugo! You stole my heart! You are just so beautiful! So perfect! Oh my!

You might have seen some of her maternity images on my Facebook page a few weeks back… let me tell you that these were so worth the cold, the wind, the pending rain… she looks amazing!
We had attempted to meet up on 2 occasions beforehand, but with terrible weather non-stop our chances were slipping away as Vanessa was already pushing 39 weeks. The 3rd scheduled attempt came and it wasn’t looking good outside… we had been messaging each other touching base at regular intervals throughout the day and when it came to the crunch i had to leave the decision to her.

She was brave, she was tough, she was a trooper… and she stepped outside in the least ideal conditions all in the name of art… and it was well worth it!

Anyway, shortly after, a few days later, little Hugo entered the world… and yesterday it was a pure delight to meet him and capture some frames of him with his mummy during a herbal bath session.

I blogged about herbal baths a few weeks ago, something new that i was trialing, hoping to bring it in as a regular service that i can offer, and i am still not sure exactly how i will do that… while they look simple enough, they actually aren’t… and so i’m still learning, trial and error, working it all out…

But so far, i am loving them, and to be able to capture such unique and special images is just incredible!

There is something so sweet about them… they are simple and pure, gentle and soft…
And isn’t that what babies are all about?!

Have a look at little baby Hugo… isn’t he just divine!

{as always} x

PS – A huge thank you to Sally and Zoe for helping with these maternity images, really appreciate your help with lights and fabric… many hands have gone into creating these images! x

IMG_4874  IMG_4879


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