Introducing Baby Piper – {12 days newborn}

It was the early hours of Christmas day, when her siblings were excited to show what Santa had left, that Piper decided it was time for her to come into the world… Rachel sat up in bed on Christmas morning, her waters broke, and within 4 hrs, baby Piper was in her arms… 3 weeks earlier than due…!

So as i write this blog post, little Piper isn’t even meant to be here yet, but earlier this week i had the pleasure of cuddles with this little poppet, and photographing her with her adoring big brother and sister. Piper makes baby number 3 to complete this gorgeous little family.

Rachel and i caught up for her maternity photos a few weeks earlier, with plans to meet up again to shoot some shots outside, but of course, Piper had other ideas and that didn’t eventuate… and so now she is here, it’s so amazing that we did manage to get the shots we did, they are all that more special now that we only just managed to get them but now have them for always.

If you didn’t see Rachel’s maternity blog post, click here to have a peek.
If however you did see it, you might recall me writing about how Rachel’s session was a little different to the norm, that as she is past client (turned friend) we were collaborating to have a play around, try some new things, do something different, keep the creative juices flowing so to speak. It is so important that i keep my skills up in other areas as well… when working with colour there are other factors to consider that i don’t usually with my black and whites… things like skin tones, colour casts etc.

So in keeping with that, her newborn session was a little different to my norm as well… we took some colour shots of little Piper with the more main stream blankets/headbands/props look than what i usually photograph.
I must admit i did enjoy it, it was nice to step outside my comfort zone, step outside the norm… just to mix things up. It certainly did, however much i enjoyed it, cement to me in my own mind that my usual style is certainly what i am most passionate about. That’s not to say that i can’t or don’t appreciate the other, i do, but it doesn’t make my heart sing, or sing as loud.

Not only did we shoot this session differently, we actually did everything about it differently. I packed up all my gear in my car and headed to Rachel’s house… we took pretty much all day to do her session. It was more of a social call than working to be honest. We sat around, ate KFC, picked raspberries, drank lots of coffee, curled her little girls hair… it was such a wonderful day… long and hot and exhausting… but i loved every minute. I had the kids holding bits n pieces, passing me things… i even threw my flash trigger on Tony’s camera and had him take some shots too!

So today, as i sit here munching on chocolate fudge cookies from the massive basket of goodies they gave me afterwards, it’s only right that i share some images from our session…

Thank you Rachel, Tony, Riley, Aylah and Piper for having me be part of another milestone in your lives!

{as always} x





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