Renee – {expecting at 32weeks}

Rewind the clock around a year ago, i was sitting around watching as a bride was having her hair and make up done, chatting with her bridesmaids, surrounded with the biggest morning tea spread and listening to Britney pumping loudly… and i remember this clearly… all the chatting and laughing and singing seemed to all pause and focus shifted to one bridesmaid as she briefly said about how much she hoped that she would soon fall pregnant and how much she so very much wanted a baby and how it all seemed hopeless in their trying and the waiting seemed to be forever…

Fast forward to a last week, and i had the absolute honour of photographing that long awaited, much anticipated, so very much wanted and loved baby bump!

This blog is to introduce Renee and her husband Brendan as they await the arrival of their little
bundle in a few short weeks!

So the story goes that i met Renee at a friends wedding, she was a bridesmaid, and we didn’t really have a whole lot to do with each other that day, and i didn’t really expect to see her again afterwards. Then when she fell pregnant, the beautiful bride from that day told her to come and see me, as she had also recently for her own maternity and newborn session. And i am so glad that she did. Now after the session was booked for Renee, behind the scenes those two ladies were chit-chatting, as us women do, and Renee was saying to Amanda that she had a few requests but was unsure about how to ask me and that she wasn’t sure if i would be OK with them and she was hesitant to contact me again to ask… Amanda, being Amanda, said “nah do it, Koorine will do anything!”… So Renee did, and for a few weeks the brain was on creative over drive, wondering how on Earth i was going to do it, while happy to attempt, really not sure and certainly a challenge!

Renee recently lost her beautiful mum, who i also met that day at the wedding a year ago, and she wanted to incorporate her memory into the session.

Lots of emails back and forth discussing, brain storming, planning… In one email Renee wrote said this: “you are a legend, i love all the suggestions, and by the sounds of it you are all over this which gives me peace, thanks so much, i can’t wait”. So while that sounds lovely, which it is, it also turned up the pressure!

The session was fabulous, Renee is so easy to work with, so much fun and a good laugh, and we tried a whole bunch of things and just relaxed and breezed through it… and now i can’t wait for the newborn session to do this all again!

W used her favourite flowers, her scarf and her ring, and also one of her cardi’s… a mix of the usual black and white, deep shadows and strong highlights, classic and timeless… and then some lighter, coloured images too…
This is what we came up with…

Here is Renee, Brendan, Baby Bump & In Memory of Maria.

{as always} x



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