Graffiti – {a personal post}

Contrary to popular belief, just because you are a photographer, it does not automatically mean that you have more photos of your children, or that it is as simple as it is thought to be that “you can just take photos whenever you want”, and that it is awesome and you are lucky and that it is something to be envious about.

Because truth of the matter is, well at least for me anyway, that this is just not actually the case.

Sure, when i do take photos of my children, they are going to be better than the average parents photos… just like if you are a cake maker, your child’s birthday cake will always be better than the average parents too… but that is purely because you have a skill or talent or craft that you can apply…

BUT… the problem is that you spend so much time taking photos day in day out, editing day in day out… that the appeal and fun of it can so quickly be lost. It is work, it can be a chore, it is time consuming, it is tedious and monotonous. The creative spark, the enthusiasm, the drive or the passion can burn out, so the sheer thought of going out on your much wanted, needed and deserved day off to take more photos, add more to your editing pile… oh the pain of that thought! And our poor children, growing up with the camera in their face, with us fussing and perfecting, instructing and positioning and all that… it isn’t an enjoyable process for them IF it happens too often.

See, as a photographer, it is no longer happy snapping. Yes, we sometimes do on our phones, but we have this horrible niggling feeling that we can’t shake, knowing that the happy snaps aren’t… well… great quality. A iPhone photo is to photography what 2mins noodles is to cooking. It is frustrating and disappointing, and somewhat pointless for us. We don’t get the same buzz out of happy snaps like we used to, our high comes from a lot more than that. Now that isn’t to say that happy snaps aren’t worth it, because they are, and sometimes i miss my happy snapping days. Back then i had a much more detailed and in-depth documentary of my children growing up, i don’t now and i miss that to be honest.

So when we do want to take photos of our children, it is a much bigger process… all in all, truth be told, while it is great that we can have as many professional photos of our children as we want, it is easier said than done to actually achieve that…

BUT when it does happen, it is great… Here my Miss 12 and Miss 6.

{as always} x



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