Image – {The First One}

I want to share an image with you, the one that is my all time favourite maternity image.

The one that really cemented my name, my style, my brand, my look… and truly confirmed how i felt about photography, what direction i wanted to go, the vision i had for maternity and newborn.

In 2013 i did a casting call looking for a maternity client who was willing to work with me as i tried new things… poses, lighting, editing, implied nudity etc. This was at a point where i was at a cross roads about whether i should be hanging up the camera, or whether i should be pushing on, and if i did, how i would do it.

I had this itching feeling inside, yet i hadn’t truly taken note of it, or explored it, and it wasn’t until this session that i actually got in touch with it and truly listened and understood that it was trying to open my eyes to.

So this image is so close to my heart… not only because it really gave life to me as a photographer, set the path for success within my business… but simply because this image is everything that i stand for… personally and professionally.

This image was the last one we took that day… we were squished into a tiny little living room, with one wall angled, a small window, a fireplace, a inward opening door, and a large couch that had an ottoman we couldn’t move… and anyone who has seen how big my main light is would know that there isn’t much room left in a room, let alone a small one, when i am using it! We had the black backdrop on it’s stand, then pulled across to extend and pegged to curtains, and the other side pulled and anchored down with DVD’s as weights on top of the fireplace. Then we had me, and my big light, squished so far back against a wall i may as well have been doing a handstand while trying to shoot it… i was half upside down, half under my light, against the wall, on my tip toes…

I said to the client that i doubt it was going to work as a shot, it just wasn’t ideal… it was shot on a weird angle, i couldn’t tell if it was sharply focused as i was shaking and falling over when shooting and it didn’t matter how many times i tried to take the shot i wasn’t getting anything better or different…

And then i came home. And i looked at it again. And i thought i would just see what i could do with it. And it turned out the be the best shot of the day, it was a clear winner… this is the first image, it gave me life, and it is now my “signature” shot – it is the home page to my website, it is on a large canvas in my studio, i use it for advertising and promotion frequently and it is my most requested photo from new clients to have for themselves.

Now i went back to visit this image today, and i wanted to re-edit it to be more like my style that i have currently. It isn’t that the original edit isn’t my style, but this was the first session that i had done and since then my skills have improved, my eye has sharpened, my look is more consistent… back then it was a trial, something new, something i hadn’t learned or developed or found my feet in…

So here it is… fresh, new, clean… and as gorgeous as ever!

This is my all time favourite maternity image… and today i have ordered a brand new canvas of this to display so proudly… i can not wait to see this in print!

And let’s take a minute to give thanks to Mrs J, as stunning as she is, and amazingly generous to have answered my casting call and allowed me the honour and privilege of capturing her maternity images, allowing me artistic freedom to try new things, and really develop myself as a photographer and my business as a unique and timeless brand.

{as always} x

new edit


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