Hobart Baby Expo – {2015}

For the last few months, all i have done is thought about the weekend of the Hobart Baby Expo. At night i would lay in bed thinking of how i would display my work, which images i would display, what offers or competitions i would run and all the other ins and outs. I have lived and breathed this expo for months.

It was the first one for Hobart, and i felt i was going in somewhat blind. I had no idea what to expect. And i was actually quite nervous about it all… it was the first time that i have had my work on public display like that, and while i am quite a bubbly and sociable person, i do find approaching people and especially about my work quite daunting.

It is funny to sit here now, post expo, and reflect on how it went vs all those things that i had thought and felt in the lead up. Of course i had nothing to worry about, but at the time of planning it was actually quite stressful.

But now, tired and sore, with swollen feet… i am glad it is all over… BUT it was a wonderful experience and i am really thrilled with how it all turned out…


One of the biggest things for me was being able to use the expo to show birth photography. Hobart is a little slow catching on, and i wanted to take the opportunity to reach as many people as i could to talk to them and show them what it was all about. And truth be told, i didn’t really have to do much… people radiated to my birth display, really captivated at what it was all about. Now that isn’t to say that everyone who saw it liked it enough that they want to book, but they liked it enough to appreciate it for what it is, even if not their cup of tea, they were able to look at it and see why other would like it, see why it exists and be able to understand what it is all about. That positive reception was amazing, and certainly not what i expected. I had 50 discount cards there on the table, and each and every one was taken. And that on its own is amazing. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so well received.
But i am just so excited for what is in the future for the genre in Hobart!


At one point, i over heard someone walking past another booth while i was taking a short break away from my stand and say “another photographer, seen one seen them all”… And yes, there were 5 photographers there (and others who were spotted that came to sticky beak hehee!)… we are were all so different… ESPECIALLY MEEEEE!
And this was the one thing that i had the most confidence in going into the expo, and what i planned my draw card to be… and this is EXACTLY what i want for my work each and every day. I don’t want to be another name in the crowd, i want to be different, i want to stand out… The overall positive reactions of people who did come to see me at the expo was exactly that… i received so many lovely comments about my work, about how its… exactly what i aim it to be… classic and timeless and natural. THIS was fabulous!


I was great to meet so many people, and in so many stages too… not just baby bumps, but lots of people who are in the early stages of planning to start their family… people with surprise babies on the way, with twins… with 3 children already and expecting a forth!… And each was looking for something different from the next, was there for a different reason… was so great to be part of a collaboration of various businesses meeting with so many people, all on a different journey with a different story to share.


I feel like the last few days all i have done is give away stuff! I have had so many vouchers for discounted sessions go – both in the entry goodie bags and ones people have picked up from the booth table – plus competitions with separate Saturday and Sunday draws and then Facebook Freebies as well! Yikes!
But that is what expos are all about… getting excited and doing some fun deals and competitions…!


It is so great to be able to share what i do with so many people all in one go… get my name out there, get my style out there… love it… and so worth the exhaustion!

All in all, i am so happy with how the expo has turned out… and i very much look forward to next year… crazy that i would do it all again, but it was just such a positive experience and i am so excited for the year ahead now!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback – whether specific, or about the expo in general as a whole.
Please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call to chat further.

Likewise if you are new to following this blog after having seen me at the expo, WELCOME!

Anyway, i will leave this post with one last image… this is me… at the Hobart Baby Expo 2015.

{as always } x



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