Casting Call ~ {maternity}

Every now and then a little spark goes off in the creative brain and I find myself inspired to do something outside the normal box.
Yesterday was one of those days.

I drive past this one spot often, and i often think about how nice a spot it would be to shoot there, but i’m never really convinced… it’s more of a “oh yeah, one day maybe” type spot. But yesterday when i drove past, i saw it in different conditions to what i usually do, and it became more of “oh i must do that now!”.

So here is a new casting call to find someone to bring that vision to life.

Now this one is going to take someone brave, perhaps a little too brave. Someone with a real drive to do anything for art. It is going to require you to be exposed to harsh conditions, not just the winter cold, but water as well.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the chosen person will be kept comfortable as much as possible. Including having blankets, hot water bottles, hot chocolate, thick socks and towels etc all ready for them to rug right up.

I can’t stress enough how brave, borderline crazy, this person is going to need to be… they are going to need to be like me. I must admit that i do have concerns about the conditions and exposing a pregnant woman to them, however, i know the result is going to be wonderful and well worth it. Oh, and it is in public view. So with that in mind, it isn’t going to suit everyone.

Besides that, there are a few other criteria to meet:Currently pregnant and due before 1st September 2015.
You must be an average dress size 10-14.
You must be over 18yrs of age.
You will be required to provide your own strapless white or beige bra and knickers.
You must have long shoulder length hair and be able to style it with loose curls.
You must be able to apply a full face of your own make up in natural tones.
You will be required to bring a friend or family member to assist.
You must be able to be flexible in your availability.
You will be required to sign a waver to accept full responsibility for your own health and well being.

This casting call is for one photo only, which in exchange for your time and permission for full use of images, you will receive as a 12×8″ print.
Full permission for the use of images includes, but not limited to, print and online (Facebook, website, blog, advertising promotion etc).
In addition, should you wish to proceed in booking a standard maternity/newborn session following the casting call, a 25% discount will be offered off the session fee plus 10% off any purchases.

At the moment, there is not date set that the session will be held, once i have received expressions of interest, i will contact those i feel suitable to discuss the casting call in more detail. Once selected, we will negotiate dates etc. Registrations close Sunday 21st June 6pm.
So if you think that you are brave enough, that you are crazy enough and willing to do almost anything for the sake of creating art…

Complete this expression of interest form:   click here

I look forward to hearing for you, and getting my creative buzz happening soon!

{as always} x


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