Leila’s Story – {birth}

This blog post is all about little baby girl Leila Rose, and her beautiful family, as she came into the world on 27th June 2015.

Leila’s birth holds a special place for me, it was my first home birth and first water birth. It was simply incredible.
Being part of any birth story is an honour, a joy, a privilege… witnessing and capturing new life entering the world is astoundingly beautiful and special…
This birth was all that, just so vastly different, and simply put… it was amazing.

There are a couple of things that stand out for me from this birth, one of which was Mumma’s strength and trust in her own body and the way she listened to her body…
It is that natural instinct imbedded in us as women to know exactly what was happening as you birth…
There was an overflowing amount of calm, there was a buzz of excitement in the air, that anticipation, but overall there was a soft sense of calm.
Meika was totally empowered, there was joy and love, encouragement and support all around her, and she was so focused and determined.
It was wonderful, and i am in total awe, it was just incredible to witness and it has certainly changed me having been there.

Another aspect that stood out was that the plan throughout all the lead-up was to involve their son, Ethan, as much as possible. And i loved this idea!
Of course there had been lots of discussion prior to the birth to let him know what to expect, how it will most likely be…
Ethan is a beautiful soul, he is such a sweet boy. He was inquisitive, patient, calm and proud.
He was there, to witness his sister being born, to help cut her cord… how incredible is that! What a memory and a bond that they now share!

Kyle is the first dad i have photographed holding their baby within minutes after a birth. This was a teary moment for me i must admit.
I understand the importance of placing baby on the mothers chest immediately after birth, the importance of skin to skin contact.
And baby and mother certainly shared that at this birth, but shortly after when the water temperature began to drop,
daddy was able to take his little girl from the birthing pool and hold his daughter for the first time, something that often doesn’t happen for a few hours.
Kyle was doting, his eyes completely fixated on his little girl… it was beautiful! I think if you could freeze a moment in time, this would be it.
He was absolutely captivated with her, an d it was just beautiful to be able to capture that first cuddle between father and daughter, just so precious!

With every birth that i photograph, i fall more and more in love with the genre, it is indescribable. Birth photography is just so powerful.
I look forward to boosting this genre and really opening the eyes of Hobart to the opportunity to have this wonderful time captured.
If you would like to know more about birth photography, read the blog post answering the “why” question of birth photography by clicking here, or please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

A huge thank you to Meika and Kyle for permission to share these images, it has been an honour to work with you and share in such a precious time.
Your family is just beautiful, and i am so blessed to have met you all.

{as always} x



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