Levi’s Story – {birth}

Just over one year ago i met Aimee and John as they awaited the arrival of baby Evie. Evie was born in early July 2014 and i was there to witness and document her birth story.
Now, one year on, it was time for her little brother to enter the world, and once again i met with Aimee and John to welcome baby Levi Giorgio into the world.

Birth is just amazing, it is fast becoming my favourite genre to photograph.
I love maternity and newborn, but when you put birth in there as well and have all three documented, you begin to establish such wonderful relationships with your clients.
In this instance though, when you have been through all three once with a client, and then to go through it again… it is amazingly beautiful, so so soooo beautiful!

We actually only just managed to scrape in Aimee’s maternity session, we did it only hours before Aimee had a midwife appointment, when she then admitted to the hospital!
Little Levi wasn’t due until late August, but honestly, if you had seen the size of Aimee’s belly earlier in her pregnancy when i saw her one day, you would have known he would be here early!

It was amazing. I really need to get a thesaurus to come up with more words to just even begin to try and explain to you all just how amazing birth is. And Levi’s was an experience i will never forget. Everything to the jokes, the smell of the foot cream, the student midwife catching her first baby, trying a chai latte for the first time, the multiple attempts to get the epidural in, the nightie being stuck on the IV stand, the smooth talking dr, the show and tell with the placenta and John’s face in the background… but most… it was everything that a birth should be… provoking all the emotions that surround new life entering the world…
Strength, determination, courage, support, hope… and most of all… love.

And it is with absolute joy that i can share some images from Levi’s birth story with you!

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