Ava-Mae’s Story – {birth}

I’ve been searching for weeks to find the words to explain just how amazing birth photography is… it is almost as though whatever words i use just aren’t enough… they don’t do it justice, they don’t really convey what i mean or what i feel… that i can’t explain it… that it is perhaps just too amazing that the words don’t even exist to even begin to describe it!

And to be honest, i can’t even narrow down the list of what aspects of birth that i love the most. The list is just too long. I love so much about it. The whole package.

One of the things on that list is that every birth story is different from the next. Each birth story is unique and special and that it doesn’t matter how each baby is born or how their story goes, it is still an incredible story to be part of, to record those memories for the family and then to be able to share the story too.

Ava-Mae’s birth story is exactly that…
Special. Unique. Powerful. Emotive.

And if there is one thing that Ava-Mae was going to show us… it is that you can’t ever plan or predict how it will all happen… because birth is just full of surprises.
It is funny to think now, in hindsight, that one of the biggest things about Krissy and Brent’s birth plan was to simply be relaxed and calm and have a “go with the flow” approach.

Ava-Mae was born by caesarean section, and even then, she still didn’t really want out into the world!

Birth photography is very new in Hobart, and at the moment i have both the privilege and also the challenge of expanding this genre and really getting it off the ground here…
Birth photography is thriving on the mainland, alas we are a little slow to catch on here in Tasmania.
There are a number of challenges in order to do this, but i am excited and determined to find my way through them, around them, over them… whatever it takes.

One of those challenges is establishing a professional partnership with the hospitals, midwives, OBs etc…
(although after having midwife Debbie for this birth who remembered me from photographing another baby she delivered in 2014, i think i am almost part of the furniture!)
In the last 12mnths the foundations have been laid and this relationship continues to grow with birth photography being made more aware of, and warmly welcomed… unfortunately i am yet to be granted permission to attend in theater to photograph a caesarean delivery. (Note: yet!!)

I was so close for Ava’s birth. In fact i was given permission. I was gowned up and ready! However, it didn’t eventuate.

I was however able to send my camera in and it was handed around by staff who all shared playing photographer to capture some wonderful memories for Brent and Krissy.

There was some wonderful images captured of baby Ava-Mae being born, and i am forever thankful for those who did take the images for us.
It goes to show the potential for birth photography within a c-section, even these images that weren’t taken by a professional, on pot luck-fingers crossed-lets hope for the best camera settings.

Krissy and Brent have been so wonderfully supportive for birth photography and have given permission for me to share images with you…

It was absolutely incredible to view the images of the actual delivery, each frame seeing a little more of her appearing.
Oh how i wish i could have witnessed it first hand, and more, photographed it myself! It is incredible! One of those “you don’t see that every day” type moments! Breathtaking!
I have decided (and a hard decision it was!) that i won’t share the images of the actual delivery itself…
They are wonderfully powerful images, absolutely captivating…
But at this time, for the benefit of future clients who do delivery by c-section, the positive growth of the partnership with the hospitals is of the up-most importance.

But nonetheless, here are some beautiful images of Ava-Mae’s birth story…

It is important to note that the images taken in theater are not taken by me, however those leading up to and afterwards are.

Ava-Mae you are a dear little thing, and it was a honour to see you within moments of your birth, to share in such a special time with your family!
Thank you for the privilege of being part of your birth story!

{as always} x




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