Theodore’s Story – {birth}

This blog post has been a long time waiting to be published… because every time i sat down to write about it, i would either be overwhelmed with emotion and unable to write something other than a blubbering mess you wouldn’t be able to comprehend, or i would draw a complete mental block – not because i didn’t know what to say, but rather because i had too much to say and didn’t know where to begin.

I realised however, that those two things aren’t a bad thing at all. Perhaps yes in that the publishing of this post was delayed. But rather because when i now look back and think about my reactions, it really confirms to me not just how much this birth meant to me, but just how passionate i am about birth overall. I talk about that in all birth blog posts,  i know, but while all this time i have known it, i don’t think it was until this birth that i *really* knew it.

Some people come in your life and leave shortly after, they come and go.
Then there are others who come into your life and make an huge imprint in the events that unfold, but help to shape who you are and steer the path you are on.
And i truly believe that Liz is one of those people. I couldn’t have asked for her to come into my world – both business and personal – at a more perfect time.

Liz originally booked her maternity and newborn sessions way back in the very early days of her pregnancy, and eventually that booking was updated to also include the birth of her son.

My eyes are continually being opened to the world of birth and babies… it is absolutely fascinating, and my goodness the scope of it all is vastly wide. One of the things that i wasn’t aware of until beginning my journey in birth photography a year ago is the pressure to conform to many aspects within the pregnancy and birthing process, and in turn, the effects that this has on mothers. It saddens me that for something that is so special, this is over shadowed by feelings of confusion, guilt, obligation, rejection… and whats is worse, that women are left feeling like less of a woman and mother and left feeling defeated and weak.

I am of very strong belief that we all are entitled to our own opinions and feelings, and that they are allowed to be based on whatever we choose them to – whether tradition or religion or medical or even just preference… and that we should all be allowed the freedom and right to decide what is best for us (and our bodies, and our baby) and not be subjected to any judgement, or be left feeling like we are inadequate.

From personal experience i understood these things in regard to breastfeeding.
But until my journey into this world began, i was completely unaware that, just one other example in many, (some) women who deliver by c-section are also subjected to these issues as well.

And this is exactly why Liz booked her birth to be photographed. This is how Liz was feeling.

Now i don’t want this blog post to be a worm can opener… but what i do want to make very clear is that with me, as a business and as friend… every single woman is beautiful, powerful, feminine, strong, individual… every woman knows her body and her baby best, no one else… every single woman no matter how you deliver your baby – whether a c-section birth or vaginally, no matter whether you have pain relief or not, whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, co sleep or self settle… you are every bit woman, every bit mother… you are amazing, just the way you are. We are all different, yet we are all the same.

Liz was hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean, her twins were delivered by c-section 9 years ago), but with the increased chance of another c-section, she wanted to be able to experience this birth in a different way… and should she end up having a c-section delivery, she wanted to be able to see the beauty of her son being born, not the associated feelings of not having the VBAC she had hoped for. And, with the twins birth details being a foggy blur of memory clouded with “champagne” (as the anesthetist would call it), she wanted to be able to forever have a his birth captured. And so this is where i come in… what an honour… what a huge honour!

As you know, i have been working so very hard behind the scenes with the local hospitals, midwives, OBs and various other associated personnel to establish and build a relationship for the growth of birth photography in Hobart. Particularly in regards to being granted permission into theater for c-section deliveries.

For the birth of Theodore, i was so warmly welcomed into theater to capture his birth. Expecting to be put on a perch and told not to move, the staff were incredible excited to have me there, giving me direction on the best vantage points for certain shots… even telling me to get in closer and double checking i got the shot before they moved again. Asking me questions, answering mine… even asking to take my camera and take a shot of me for me!

It was amazing… and i must admit not at all what i expected… it was even better!
There were light hearted jokes being flung around (apparently, according to the only man in the room, having a baby via c-section is just like digging around in your handbag for your phone!)… so very relaxed, yet with the highest professionalism and every effort made for comfort and reassurance. It was absolutely wonderful that the staff were so accommodating, not just of me, but also dropping the screen for Liz to witness the birth first hand… how wonderful is that!?

Often when i say to people that i was there to photograph it, they screw their noses up asking what it was like… and truth be told, it wasn’t as “messy” as i expected. That sort of thing doesn’t phase me anyway, but it was so incredible to see. I stood there inside my own head trying to work out what bits were what, where they were up to, what was coming next. “i think that is the uterus there” and “oh i think they are about to pull back the such and such”. Was amazing! Totally different from a vaginal birth, but oh my goodness just as incredible! Was breathtaking!

It was incredible. And it certainly has begun a new chapter for birth photography in Hobart.
Liz came into my world to help me open these doors, and I into her life to help ensure that her birth experience was all that she had hoped for.
And together, it has been the most amazing journey, and I am so thankful to have met Liz, and honoured to have been part of such a special occasion.

So for all those that have been waiting for more images from Theodore’s c-section delivery… it is with great excitement, great anticipation for the future and with great pride… that i can share these images with you today… And remind Liz that she is strong, she is woman, she is mother… and for those other women out there reading this, that they are too… no matter what!

This is Theo’s story…

{as always} x

PS – If you will be scheduled for an elective c-section for the birth of your baby during November 2015 to March 2016, special discounted rates apply for portfolio building purposes.
For more information please contact C A P T U R E D by koorine {photography} directly.




3 thoughts on “Theodore’s Story – {birth}

  1. Absolutely amazing!!!

    We will be forever grateful to have these (and all the other) gorgeous images to remember the special day Theo joined our family ❤️

    If someone had told me a year ago that I’d have a baby now I would have laughed them out of town…

    Let alone if they’d told me I would have a maternity shoot done 😱

    The idea that I would have even considered having the birth photographed would have been so completely unthinkable

    But after talking to Koorine about the newborn shoot I agree to the maternity session and was thrilled with the results

    After this and feeling more like everything to do with the birth would be out of my control and seeing the other birth stories Koorine had captured I started to wonder about having her there

    It was without doubt the most empowering and wonderful thing we could have done

    Thank you Koorine 😘

  2. Amazing! Beautiful Ahhh too many words. You and Liz are a great combo and love seeing more of the amazing work you have done for them all ❤

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